Sunday, May 27, 2012


I apologise for my absence. I do have 'neglect-my-blog guilt' but this is what happens to busy full-time working mums.

Not much has happened around here house wise I'm afraid. Moving into our first winter here and the start of chilly weather, I am extremely pleased with the effectiveness of the ducted reverse cycle air-conditioner's ability to warm my house almost instantly. I also have a lovely little gas heater to warm just our TV room when the rest of the house isn't being used at night.

We do have plans to build a built-in open fire and BBQ area off our outdoor entertaining area but, due to a slight change in priorities, this plan is on hold at the moment. Instead we have enjoyed sitting in front of our little mexican fire on chilly afternoons and evenings which has been lovely. Hopefully when we do build in the fire it will be much bigger than this! (although this is hugely warm and effective for it's size!)

 The bamboo we planted in December has grown considerably in 6 months...
Here is the day it was planted

Here is today. It's actually really high - you just can't tell from the photo!

Going back a few weeks, we enjoyed a lovely 10 days in Noosa. Although most days we had a shower or 2 of rain, we swam and enjoyed the sun everyday. I LOVE it up there and could live there in a heartbeat. Here are a few holiday snaps...

We stayed in a riverfront apartment which was just fabulous for the kids. Lovely view from our verandah.

I have kept up my running (only 5 weeks now til my half marathon). Whilst in Noosa I really enjoyed the National park run to this amazing spot called 'Hell's Gate'. 

Spot of kayaking on the river.

The kids spent countless hours fishing from the beach.

Fun in the sun at the beach.

More fishing, this time from a little boat we hired one day.

The pool was lovely and I clocked a few hours reading my books here.

Pink cheeks showing a busy day in the sun.
 As you can see, holidays are not hard to take! We are planning another trip but that will be later next year as we are aiming for Disneyland and Hawaii. If only I'd won Ozlotto last week!

Short post today. I am hoping to make a couple of small house purchases in the next school holidays, which are only 5 weeks away, so will let you know how that goes. Still looking for some more cushions, a bookshelf and hall console. I truly had such an overdose of home decorating that I have needed a complete break from it. Hopefully by then I'll be refreshed and ready to dip my toe in again.



  1. Thanks so much for the update, Kylie. How great is that bamboo looking - might have to get myself some of that.

    Glad you guys enjoyed the trip to Noosa, even with the rain. We're hoping for Disneyland and Hawaii within the next couple of years too - great minds!!

    Let me know exactly what you're looking for cushion, bookshelf and console-wise, and I'll keep an eye out for you!


    1. I will have a good think and look around at ideas and let you know. That's half my problem M, I'm not quite sure what looks I want. I think a black and white graphic type print for my cushions (I need 2)...but I don't want to be extravagant. Console table not too wide. A little industrial/preloved/character look. Let me know if you spot anything:)