Sunday, July 22, 2012

'The Shire'

My name is Kylie and I'm from 'The Shire'. There, I've said it. Proud of it too. I love it because it is and always has been my home. We enjoy the lifestyle that comes with living here and everything it has on offer. I'm not racist, have never had cosmetic surgery and my dad never bought me a Beema. Just wanted to get that off my chest!

On another note, I have watched a home undergo a huge renovation since it was sold a couple of years ago. It was my pick at the time for a property with potential. My friend (with a builder husband so therefore an expert) scoffed and said it wouldn't have views due to trees and that it was limited with what you could do on the difficult site. I disagreed (I knew the trees were ones you'd be allowed to remove) and thought it had huge potential. 

Well, today I noticed it's for sale. I'd say it's reached a pleasing outcome (to say the least). Here is a sneak peek of what you can enjoy living in, in my neck of 'The Shire'.

She was views

Leave modesty at the bathroom door...

My type of house. My kids only question was 'where's the pool'. It hasn't one, but with 920sqm block, and a bit of cash to splash...

I haven't shopped again. Still thinking/looking/deciding. Mustn't rush these things! 


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just Spotted:

My research continues (online) of course. What did we do without the internet!! These first two are different angles of the same one. The one below is a little like No.3 on my previous post. This one costs around $1150. Too much? Bottom one is even more expensive.

 It occurred to me this morning that I could also save up for custom built in...thoughts?


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bookcase: Take #2

OK, this is why I love blogging. And my blogging friends. They give their honest opinion and throw a bucket of water over you when you're looking like making a silly decision.

After heading back to the shops this week it was very tempting to buy the first thing I saw, and then everything after that too. But one reason for having the break from decorating in the first place was so I could take stock and think carefully about remaining purchases one at a time. And only buy things I love and am sure are right for the spot. So as a reminder, this is the spot where I will be putting the book shelf/ves.

I have now looked for some 'industrial' style shelves. What do we think of these:

No. 1

No. 2
No. 3
No. 4

 This one from Etsy is more 'rustic'

Or these are slightly more French. (and bottom two more console/sideboard-y)

My taste really is all over the place isn't it. And I know I was going to head away from dark and go white instead but I'm drawn to these darker pieces.

And here is the chair I mentioned last post. I like the denim but the super shiny legs put me off.
 I'm keen to hear what you have to say!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting Back on the Bike

Tomorrow I plan on dipping my big toe back into the water...I am going looking at bookcases! I know, not that exciting, but it's a big step in my recovery from can'tdecorateanymoreitis.

I may also look at lamps; both table and floor. 

Looking online at freedom today, I found this...what do you think? I'd need 2 side by side. Then I could put books in some spaces and other decorations in others.
Or I could go for something like these I found at a store called 'Shack'. I particularly like this one but really did have white in mind. The room really can't take another dark piece of furniture, and it doesn't come in white.

 Last weekend we headed up to the Blue Mountains on the way to taking the kids for a farmstay. We popped into a gorgeous store in Leura where we saw a fantastic barcelona chair and denim. Perfect for the spot next to my shelving. Just not sure if it's right, so once I've got the shelving, I'll make a decision.

The Farmstay was at Oberon. Kids had a ball horse and quad bike riding. We enjoyed a wine by the fire and beautiful countryside.

Frosty morning! Crisp, fresh air for my morning jog.

The four of us on one of our 2 trail rides.

Connor was soo in his element on the quad bike (little one, not this huge one) and Maya was a maniac!

Wish me luck on my shopping outing tomorrow. I will keep you informed.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Run Forrest!

Well I succeeded in achieving my 2012 goal of running a half marathon. Up on the beautiful Gold Coast, no better place to run like Forrest Gump! I ran the whole way without stopping in 2 hours flat. 

The race started at 6am...still dark! Record entrants this year.

Beautiful scenery to distract from the task at hand.

That's my friend (red hat) and I (black hat) powering along.
Barreling down the finish chute! 

Proud runner.

Three happy ladies.

We definitely earned an little bit of this!!

and this...

Guilt free carbs at dinner!

With this weather and these views, we did NOT want to head home!

 Anyway, I had to brag...hope you don't mind! I have a leisurely 11km race on the 22nd of July and I've entered another half in Sydney in September - loving it!