Friday, December 7, 2012

Colour Me Happy

Each year at Christmas I tend to do a 'colour' theme. Last year was blues and silver as seen in the pics below.

This year I'm heading down the 'red, white & silver' track...with a touch of greenery thrown in for good measure.

I have bought a few bits 'n' pieces for the Christmas lunch table, but at the moment I haven't worked out how I want it to look. Hopefully it will come together. Today I received an ebay purchase to help decorate on the day. I bought a couple of these pom pom & bunting sets:


I've pulled out the previous Santa photos and pegged them on string.
 I cannot believe how grown up they look this year...although I probably say that every year
From this just a few years ago...
To this in 2012...
Speaking of growing up, Connor turned 9 last weekend. Time flies, blink and you miss it and all of those other cliches are so true. I was so busy in the lead up to the day that I forgot about baking him a birthday cake until the day before. With a quick look on pinterest for SIMPLE ideas that took very little decorating ability I came up with this...

In fact he was a very happy boy all round on his birthday. And against my better judgement he got a skateboard. It was top of the wish list - I blame it on all these super cool retro style ones out at the moment - so I caved and got him one. Just a matter of time before another broken bone?? Hopefully not!

I am hoping to finalise pressie shopping this weekend...and fit in a run, read my 'book club' book, host a kids sleepover, visit my nan - the list goes on. I hope everyone else is keeping on top of things at this busy time!



  1. Love all your Christmas decorations! I also change each year - this year it's in shades of pink. I like them a little untraditional! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  2. Thanks Anna:) I love mixing it up - I'm sure your pink Chrissy will be lovely!