Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Calling Time Out

I love this blog. But at the moment I'm needing a little time out to re-inspire me and just refresh. I'll miss it, but I will be back shortly. Absence makes the heart grow fonder???

Stay tuned...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blink and You'll Miss It

The weekend that is! It all started Friday evening posing as the hostess with the mostess...I held a Tupperware party!! 25 lovely friends came for champers, nibbles and a touch of shopping. Lovely night. Larena our Tupperware lady was great at her job and did her best to deal with a very chatty crowd. The room stood up to furniture rearrangements and accomodated everyone well. By the end of the night I was shattered after a huge week.

And how about mixing a little fashion with decor ideas...how cool are these! Converse All Stars in Marimekko fabric! (they come in other styles and colours too) Thinking I may need a pair!
Speaking of shoes, I took Maya out to get her first pair of soccer boots. Of course they had to be either pink or purple...

We had a friends 40th last night at another lovely spot. Taking advantage of a clearing in the weather, we drank in the beautiful warm sunset.
 The sun stayed out today so we headed for the pontoon to fit in an hour of one our favourite ways to relax (even though the water was muddy after all of the rain). We reeled in a dozen tiny ones - no keepers - but enjoyed getting some vitamin D! Miss smartypants Maya hooked one everytime she cast in!

Connor had a good week too. I am very proud to say he competed at his first school swimming carnival and has made it to the district carnival! Very much out of his comfort zone and it was a cold miserable summers day so it was an excellent effort!

I had planned to blog more about furniture research, but I really am not up to it tonight. Need to turn in early so I can be up for my run tomorrow early. I missed today due to pure exhaustion and slept in til 10am - can't remember the last time I did that!

Hopefully the craziness of the start of a new school year will calm down soon and I'll have more time to do the decor dreaming I enjoy. I have struggled to even keep up with all of the blogs I usually read religiously. Hope everyone is well though and all builds aren't too affected by the weather. 


Friday, February 3, 2012


Just thought I'd share pics of some of the bedheads I've been looking at. Here is how the bedroom looks now...
This photo clearly shows where the bedhead would be. Can you picture one?

The mirror is in between the WIR and ensuite.

My corner is a work in progress. I sat here this afternoon after work and finished my book...bliss. Definitely need a floor lamp for reading light. And a mini side table for my cuppa to sit on! 

Make-do deco on the chest of drawers. Picture I stumbled across and the other two things were gifts. Am on the look out for a cute tray to sit them on.

These couple of bedheads are from 'Heatherly Design Bedheads' (link on my previous post I think).

I love the 'winged' sides of this one. I think this design is called 'Hamptons'. I won't go for a pattern fabric even though this one looks devine. I'll keep it plain and neutral so whatever changes to other things in the room, it will be easy to match.

This one is (I think) The 'Richmond'. I love the simplicity. 

The next couple are from an ebay store which another lovely blogger reminded me of.
design.inspired have a lovely range of bedheads at a very reasonable price. Here are a couple I like...

 Will remain on the lookout. Busy times at work so my research time has shrunk at the moment. No rush, still working on building up the money jar again! 

Another family member found out this week that they have a health battle on their hands. The same day I happened to stumble across this quote, which I think we can all apply at different time in our lives...and now especially for them.

Have a good weekend everyone. Let's hope for a bit of sunshine to brighten things up!