Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Name is Newbuild & I'm a Benchaholic

I have to admit, the feeling I got seeing the benches going in this morning was, I think, the most exciting point of the build so far (does that make me strange?). Sure demo was delightful, the slab being poured was slabtastic, framing was get the idea, BUT I was on a high all day after seeing the benches this morning. Kitchen is 40mm white shimmer and bathrooms are 20mm osprey.

I sent a pic via my phone to DH - with the comment 'the island bench looks HUGE'. It certainly looked the right length but was wider than I expected. On returning this afternoon I now know why it looked is! The bench is about 30cm wider than the plans indicate. Now yes it is a bonus - it looks awesome (although when I went back it was covered in cardboard to protect it) but the out facing side looks wrong. One end/half has push/touch opening cupboards and shouldn't have the bench coming out over the top. The other half has a recessed area for stools.

In theory it sounds OK but in reality it looks like an obvious mistake. What has obviously happened is that they have measured the 30cm recess at the wrong end - thus doubling it at the right end.

I'll show you a couple of pics to help explain. Quality of the pics is very dodgy so my apologies.

If you can see through the snowstorm of dust, this is the bench starting to be put on. This side (which faces in) is spot on.
This side faces out to the living room. The ledge comes out about 30cm this end (waterfall edge). It shouldn't come out at all. It should look like the other side of the island - just a small lip for the edge. This is actually what the other end should look like.
This overlap is around 60cm. It's OK - I actually don't think 30cm is quite enough, but it is a very deep recess  when you see it in person.

Now we haven't spoken to our SS yet about this situation. We are trying to decide if we should leave it be or not. DH wants it fixed - he is very unhappy with how 'wrong' it looks on the living room side. His solution is to leave the benchtop the size it is and extend the cupboards at that end so they come out to where they should (edge of the bench thus making the cupboards deeper). The stool end won't matter so much being deeper, with stools there it should be difficult to tell it isn't to plan - so we would not change that end. I agree that this would be a win situation for us so I think that's what DH will suggest when he speaks to our SS tomorrow.

The bathroom and ensuite also had their benchtops and sinks put in. Love the double sinks and the fact there is plenty of room on the bench for both decorations and my crap when I'm getting ready for the day (or a night out!) Some nice towels rolled and on display in the shelves will add a splash of colour too.

Kids bathroom - small but neat.

Painting has started. The guy (there was only 1 there today I think) has been doing the ceilings which look lovely and white. Apparently next week there will be a few more there helping him. I did jinx the tiling on my last post - the 2 days in a row work record was not improved upon. The word is, they are waiting on some more of one of the tiles, which they expect to be delivered next Tuesday. Hopefully that will then get FINISHED! Painting should be done around the middle of next week. The guys painting the outside haven't been back but they are from 'Hebel' and have done a fair bit of the work on Saturdays so maybe they'll be back this weekend.

I am away next week, so hopefully when I get back all of these things - and maybe more - will be done. I am taking my laptop with me - I suffer withdrawal without it. This way I can keep up with the latest on everyone else's builds - so keep the posts coming.

Will let you know of any bench updates as they come to hand.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Now that's what I'm talkin Bout!

Woohoo, we are back on track down in the Shire. So pleased to see my front entry and bedroom regyprocked yesterday. They did the cornices too and the chippie was there finishing skirting and trim this morning. And the biggest surprise was that the tilers worked a second day in a row today!!!

Between yesterday and today, the laundry and toilet skirting tiles were applied and grouted, laundry splashback tiles completed and I think the kids bathroom is done except the shower niche (it was being grouted when I called past this afternoon). I think the guy (they seem to be a husband and wife team) was about to start more work on the ensuite. I doubt they will finish today so I really hope they return tomorrow to finish - not wait another week before returning!

Some pics:
Here is our fixed up master bedroom - good as new

Now I can have my 'proper' check measure done for the shutters that will go on the windows in this room 

Front entry now ready for the next stage - can't wait til my doors are stained

Laundry tiles applied and grouted - nice clean lines

Next pics are the kids bathroom. I didn't take more this afternoon as the lady was working in there and I didn't want to get in the way...only difference is more grouting is being done

The coloured tiles look a little green but they are a really nice stone colour in reality. The wall with the window will look great when the shutters are on - nice crisp white. Glad we tiled to the ceiling in the bathroom and ensuite. In the afternoon, tiling was done up the wall and around the window.

I have to admit, the photo that I was most happy to take was this one:
The paint 'stuff' has been delivered. Lets hope they start tomorrow! SS says the inside painting should take about 4 days. I also hope the outdoor painters return soon too - make hay while the sun shines and all that.
Also promised this week is the stone benches - I really can't wait for these to be installed! Does the undermount sink need to be there for installation when they put the island bench on or can they do that later? Don't think it's been delivered yet...
I bought a couple of vintage inspired bedsides on ebay for my bedroom. They aren't my first choice but reality is my budget won't stretch to first choice in everything and some compromises will need to be made (for the short term). So I figured I'd have a bit of fun in the meantime. Purchased from my favourite ebay seller, they are in great condition and will look great with the bedside lamps I have my eye on and I will get the chair I found in Adore living which is a rich velvet and an upholstered bedhead in a near match Warwick fabrics velvet (it will be similar to the one a couple of pics down - another ebay store. I now just need a dresser...

Not everyones taste but they all kind of go with the look I'm after. I may change the drawer handles to be those glass type ones. Less of the casual look that I am used to going with, but I'm trying to go with a more 'grown up' look - haha.
Let's hope I can post some benchlicious pics at the end of the week (3 days till school holidays YEAH! - Tonia I know you feel the same!)
Cheers everyone

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's actually a Tradie!

Actually that's not entirely true...there were at least half a dozen cars parked out front when I pulled up this morning. I have really struggled to deal with the lack of work completed this week, so this was a very unexpected BUT very pleasant surprise.

No, the inside has still not been touched to my knowledge (although we were told the gyprock etc in the front area would be pulled out and redone). I didn't try to spy in windows as there was someone working in every spot I was hoping to peek in through - so I am not sure if the tilers did another half day of work on Friday - apparently their van was there for a little while.

So, what were all these tradies doing? Painting a primer on the render! And finishing little bits of render around the garage that hadn't been completed. They were well underway when we pulled up at 9.20ish this morning and were still going when I drove past again around 2.30pm! I didn't stop at this time but DH said they were fixing render over the primer where it was needed too. SO happy they are taking advantage of this beautiful winter weather to make a start on the outside paint job. I was very worried that we'd have a couple of weeks of sun and then they'd go to start right when rain hits again.

Not sure how well you can tell but there is a coat of primer on here.
There was actually at least one guy working on every side of the house applying the primer. Never thought I would get so excited about a little priming.

Here is a glimpse of our ensuite tiling. The walls are all white except the one you can see. It should NOT have the soap holder there - it will be removed.

This is the kids bathroom. Same wrong soap holder installed (bit hard to see). Their feature tile is on another wall -  itgoes up the side of the bath and then up the wall.

Now, to some people the tiling done so far is great - and it would be - if it was completed! They started 2 weeks ago! It's not like we have heaps of intricate tiling to be done! Hopefully it will be done VERY soon.

I met with the colour/decorator today. I didn't have the guts to tell her I am going with the dark flooring...oops. But to be honest, I really like everything else she has recommended. Colours are really lovely and the pics she showed me really are my style and taste - I am modern contempory with classic touches apparently - and I'd agree. I think I will just need to be aware of keeping other things fairly light and as bright as possible to lift the floors and not make everything too dark. In her opinion, the dark flooring would require more white in the room making it more a 'minimalist' look. No one with young kids can go there - in my opinion - unless they are a full time clean the house mum! (not if they want it to look spotless!)

So hopefully next week is a better week, with a replication of the tradies onsite today, everyday! That will also mean I will have more exciting pics to post next week too:)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Be very quiet...I'm hunting tradies (again)

I'm thinking they are lost...GPS's aren't working? Otherwise I'm not sure why it is so quiet on site. Plenty of things lined up to let's let it happen boys!

The tilers obviously work a 3 day fortnight. They turn up, do a bit then disappear for another week. No idea why they don't come, finish the job and then move on...anyone else had grief with tilers?Plus they need to fix a boo boo. They have attached soap holders which we asked to have deleted from the contract due to our lovely big shower niches. SS is aware of this now and will ask them to be removed. - No pics at the moment due to program having a meltdown everytime I try to add one:(

The one kitchen cupboard door that was missing has appeared and our stone bench is due to be installed next Monday...can't wait! I really hope it comes on time - bit over hold ups putting us behind at the moment. We are still waiting for our front areas to be fixed before painting can start (supposedly once kitchen bench is in - so Tuesday would be the logical start day...) Will get back to you later in the week if anything exciting happens.

Plus I thought I'd let you all know (because you've been waiting with baited breath! haha) the winner in our flooring duel is...Sepia! The dark won out, went with our heart and feel very content with the decision. Couldn't bring myself to pick the recommended over the one WE actually liked best.

Night in the city was great. Amazing views, delicious cocktails and good friends for company...good distraction from the house:)

Very jealous of those of you approaching PCI any day now. Good luck, hope it goes well and that the keys are in your hot little hands in no time. I may get there by christmas...


Friday, June 17, 2011

The Week That Was...

Well, I feel like a phoney posting when really there is nothing to post:( We have finally had our roof problems resolved - yesterday - but it has been at the expense of anything else happening. I am very pleased at the outcome of what is being fixed due to water damage, and in the whole scheme of things a week or two isn't a big deal...but I know you all feel my pain - no hold up is a good hold up.

The ensuite and kids bathroom does now have floor tiles, but I think this was done either early in the week or late last week and we didn't know due to being locked out. There was due to be more tiling done this week - wall tiles, but no such luck. Not sure why this wasn't done... Again sorry about the poor quality photos

Kids bathroom - floor tiles

Ensuite floor tiles laid 

The next couple of shots come with a warning...not pleasant. Negative thoughts aside, Metricon are doing the right thing and fixing it all so what more can you ask for? As long as it's fixed it really won't distract from my beautiful home.

Oh Mr Hart...what a mess!
Gyprock and insulation has been removed for some brand spanking new stuff:)

DH and I are meeting a landscape designer to start making heads and tails of our yard. We are meeting with Intrique Living Design - a local mob:

I managed a great deal on our blinds and shutters with another local company recommended by a couple of friends :

We are also locking it in Eddy with Cronulla Carpets for all of our flooring needs. (excuse the italic text, program is being difficult and an I can't be bothered fighhting with it)

Will let you know if by some miracle something happens onsite tomorrow but I highly doubt it. And seeing as I'm heading into the city for a chicks night at the Quay West Apartments and Bel Mondo with some lovely friends, I don't care!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Kitchen Love

Just a little long weekend Monday night posting. I was reading 'Driftwood Interiors' blog and followed on to a new blog they recommended. I was pleasantly surprised to see a very stylish abode have a kitchen quite like my new one-to-be. Now I realise there are a number of differences BUT it still reinforces for me that it will be a lovely kitchen when done. So, from this blog: I found these lovely kitchen pics...

Dark and white cabinets plus big island bench with waterfall edges:)

And this is how mine looks at the moment:
Now imagine a lovely big benchtop just like the one above, walls and ceiling painted, white glass splashback, appliances, flooring etc...what do you think? Will I get a similar look? I did decide against the mirror splashback but don't think it will change the look too much.

Anyway I just thought I'd share my latest find, and I do hope my kitchen ends up looking this lovely! Good luck with progress this week. Hope you've enjoyed the long weekend!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

To be Cheap, or Not to be Cheap...That is the Question

It is official...we can no longer enter the property on a whim. Bifolds are glazed and the shop is closed for business. So it's therefore difficult to know if anything else has happened. The sand pile does look smaller...maybe some more tiling happened? Who knows...

The rain has shown us that the roof is still not 100% water tight at the front. Inside the garage shows that plenty is still getting in where the final roof tiles have not been put back in place. Must double check SS is aware of this, as our last communication indicated the gyprockers would be back to fix the ceilings this week. That's long as the roofers have finished first. I am anxious that this doesn't stuff around for another week because the roof is still not complete. I know once this is fixed, painters are due to start. At least the tilers can do their thing no matter what.

Meeting the interior decorator/designer was interesting and helpful. There is a true art to balancing colour and anchoring rooms with the right furniture (am I using the right terminology??) It was alot to take in and I look forward to her sending me details of her recommendations.

So this leads on to the 'to be cheap or not to be cheap' question. We came to a decision on floor colour. It wasn't one of the two I was considering. Due to my other colour choices in the room (kitchen cupboards, timber stains etc) and furniture that has been ordered, she recommended a much lighter colour. It has taken a couple of days, but I have come to be happy with the colour - Natural.

You can even see in this picture that it has been teamed with dark furniture like our look.

We have found this product at a very reputable local flooring supplier who we will be getting our carpet from and who we have used previously and been more than happy with. We have also found - or so we thought - this product at another supplier. When we visited this showroom however, we we told they no longer sold this product, but another made from the same manufacturer. We were given the speil about the products being the exact same...blah, blah, blah but to be honest I feel it is slightly dodgy brothers. Cheaper...yes, but will I be happy? That is the question!

So, do I assume it will be fine and hope for the best whilst saving about $800ish or do I go down the tried and tested track? What would you do??

Also I promised a pic of the chairs I selected for our living to go with our espresso 3 seater from king furniture. Hard to get a good shot and retail lighting doesn't help but you'll get the idea.
One of the reasons we liked it was the metal cross over legs...they look great.

 No, I won't be having these 'lilac with bird pic' cushions...

This pic shows a back view.

My blind quote has come back and I think we will go ahead and do the whole lot...close my eyes and hope I don't run out of cash!

So, fingers crossed that everything falls into place this week. I really want things to stay on track - as you do. Hopefully some tradies will be there working when I pop past so that I can have a sticky beak a couple of times. Really keen to peak at the tiles!

Hope all is well for everyone else building their dream...

Cheers for the rest of the long weekend (YEAH)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Step by Step

Things have continued along this week. Not at the quickest of paces but I really shouldn't complain as there has still been something happen every day. They were back to complete the render on the piers which hadn't been completed. Front door handle and lock is on, as is the garage door lock (this handle is an old fashioned round one that I can't believe I picked - DH thinks maybe it was our only option...) will change to a nicer one after handover if possible. So as soon as they glaze our bi-folds we will finally be locked out.

The garage door handle that I'm not too fond of...

Front door lock and handle

Yesterday the tiler came to start but was not a happy chappy that the underfloor heating guys hadn't been in as planned to put the piping stuff down. So he did the laundry and toilet but not kids bathroom and ensuite. Today they have been so hopefully he will be back tomorrow to do more. Can't wait to see the rooms tiled.

The colour is much nicer - less creamy - in reality. Plus I love the texture in the tiles too which doesn't show up in pics.

The underfloor heating 'stuff' that was put in today.

One thing that had happened (which I haven't mentioned) was that the ceiling in our master bedroom and front entry was damaged (ruined) as one small part of the roof wasn't finished before the rain hit a week or so ago. I know it was probably silly to have the room done without the gyprock, but our SS really wanted to keep the build going and was having grief getting the tradies to turn up and do the job (so what can you of intentions and a bit of bad luck). So now that the roof is done (99%) I am waiting impatiently for them to come back and re-insulate and gyprock our ceiling for these 2 areas. Impatient because I am guessing that painting is just around the corner and don't want that held up now either. Plus I know the carpenter was actually hoping that it would have been done so that he could have done more skirting and trim when he was there yesterday.

I did meet with the decorator and get a quote for blinds yesterday. All good, will fill you in later.

This long weekend we will no doubt do the rounds trying to find some half yearly sale bargins for the house and maybe lock in flooring. Hope everyone has has a productive week.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mr Sandman

That would be our sand for the wet area tiling:

Happy times, marching on and all that:)

I did try to get a photo of the tiles but it is very difficult to get an idea of what they are like without seeing them in real life.

Kitchen cabinets were finished off and handles popped on. One cupboard door missing - must have been damaged, and 2 handles missing - must have miscounted...

Tomorrow is my decorator/blind quote planned around Dr app day. Will let you know how it goes. Looking forward to it but hope she (decorator) doen't hate my choices so far...

Kitchen installed (you can see missing door). Can't wait till stone is ready. How long from now til that happens?

Handles...2 missing

Sand laid ready for tiling to hopefully begin in the morning:) Toilet was done too.

This is the floor tile. Really hard to see the true colour and it has a 'stone' finish so will therefore need sealing. Hopefully I can get a better pic tomorrow,

This photo allows you to see the texture a bit better but the colour is washed out.

The big boxes are the large wall tiles. Some are the same as the floor and some are white.

We also bought two chairs to go with the lounge we've ordered from King Furniture. We didn't go Barcelona chairs after all...will try to get a pic for you soon. Lovely leather in a colour called 'chalk'. Super bargin - if we didn't get this deal they would have cost us nearly 3 times the amount and would have been beyond our budget.

Cheers People

Friday, June 3, 2011

On a Roll

Well folks it has been another great week on site with plenty of progress to report. Doors are all hung, skirting is done, cornices on, cabinets nearly done and front pier has been hebeled. Very happy with how things are looking! Feature timber doors on the pantry and master bedroom look great. The bi-folds that were put on to open the wrong way have been fixed. Here are a few pics. Again my apologies, I thought I'd put my camera in the car but - no that wasn't the case, therefore dodgy iphone quality again.

Here are the pantry timber doors

Just a glimpse of the many metres of cornice and trim

Look - a closed bedroom door!

Ta kitchen (still being installed as you can see - by a really nice local guy)
The cupboards and drawers on the back are white poly.
 Island bench cupboards - in asian night. Love the size of the drawers and I spied my bin drawer. Island bench will look excellent once stone top is on!

Feature doors to master bedroom

Front door from the inside

I heart my laundry cupboards. If you remember I changed these after construction started and to say I am happy with it is an understatement! Picture does not do them justice due to the light coming in.

The gap under the bench is for storing my laundry hamper

My ensuite cabinets. We extended these to be wall to wall. Little display shelves in middle for storing towels

Kids bathroom vanity. Small and neat.

The pier at the front has now had hebel applied to it.

Cabinet guy says he will be back to finish on Monday. Waterproofing will also be inspected Monday. I think tiling is scheduled to start Tuesday and not sure what else to expect.

Wednesday my son has a specialist appointment so I will be off work. I have arranged to make the most of a mid-week day off and will be having an interior decorator meet me onsite to help select flooring - we are really struggling here - and discuss colours and furnishings etc. I am also fitting in an appointment to get a quote for blinds. Will let you know how these appointments go.
Here are two of the bamboo samples we are considering - in our turn around from having travertine...what do you think?

Yesterday we ordered our fridge, a new T.V for the rumpus and a dryer as our old one had kicked the bucket. The fridge is a gorgeous electrolux 690L side by side with cold water and ice dispenser:)

Hope all is well for my building buddies.