Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting My Groove Back

I caved this long weekend. Reading the paper yesterday I found myself reading the homewares section again...I knew I couldn't stay away for long.

 And then today, I went one step further and bought my first magazine for a few months...

I've started looking at details in the small things again. I fell in love with the shape of this perfume bottle and had to have it.

I'm no closer to making any furniture or decorating purchases, or anything exciting like that, but I'm trying to get back in the right mood to make some new choices.

We popped into the city on Saturday night - along with a gazillion other people. Vivid lights were great and dinner at Doyles was lovely.

Will let you know if I make any purchases.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Community Spirit.

Here's to wonderful community spirit. Terribly sad story, very close to home, that has me crying into my coffee each morning when I read the updates. But what I do take from it is the kindness of strangers when people are in a terrible place. It's easy these days to be caught up in our busy lives and be disillusioned with humanity. If you get the chance, have a look...