Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The end of April is near...

Where have my updates been I hear you ask? Where have the tradies been you hear me ask (very politely)!

Since I went on school holidays 2 and a half weeks ago there has been very little happen onsite. Last week we had our skylight installed...just not sure when.

See it way up there! It will be over the kitchen island:)

To be honest I would have liked a couple more for lighting hallways but I'm sure we'll cope.

One thing that hadn't been sitting well with us was our choice of cabinet colour in the laundry. We first questioned ourselves when making the wet area tile choices. We really wondered what we must have been thinking when making the decision. We'd chosen 'platinum' which is a light grey- which is fine but not matching anything else we'd chosen in the house. Maybe we were trying to be different...who knows. Anyway after seeing someone else's cabinets go in last week on their blog, it really hit me how great - and cohesive theirs were throughout the house. I decided on a 'if you don't ask you'll never know' attitude and after a couple of phone calls and emails I am very excited to say I was able to change the cabinets!!! (Thanks SS!) So we will now have 'Asian Night' which matches our island bench in the kitchen:)

I have been told to expect the Hebel this week now. (Was told today...maybe tomorrow...)

Also did some shopping over the long weekend. We popped to the King Furniture sale and ordered 2 - 3 seaters. One will go in the kids leisure (tv) room (a beige colour) and the other will go in the main living area (black). Our old lounge will go in the rumpus until we decide what will best suit in there. They are very simple but comfy and a really good quality. 

I am now trying to pick 2 chairs to go with the black 3 seater. I will need something fairly clean line and modern. I'll be adding colour with artwork and decor such as cushions etc. So far I have my eye on these 2 choices. One is the classic barcelona chair and the other is a version of the shell chair. What do you think???? Which do you prefer? Opinions please:)

Anyway, fingers crossed my walls are delivered by weeks end. My laundry cupboard change will only help me be patient so long!

Hope everyones builds are moving along nicely:)


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Retail Therapy

In a bid to start the week ahead with a positive vibe, I decided a bit of retail therapy might be in order. Mainly just browsing, making mental lists and visualising furniture in the new home, we hit Ikea (for our cheaper short term options) then straight to the other end of the spectrum at Fanuli and space furniture - well a girl can dream!

I bought a LACK shelf for Connor's bedroom in red:

To go with this I plan to purchase one of these from Kartell:

Probably the smaller 3 compartment, just not sure whether to get white or red like the shelf... Will go to the Kartell store at Bondi during the week and see if I can make a decision. I know I have lots of time, but I'm trying to spread out my spending!!

I'm still deciding whether to put a pendant light or just a nice oyster light in his room. We are putting downlights everywhere except bedrooms 2, 3 & 4 and the laundry. As mentioned previously I already have a light for my daughter's room.

Lastly, we have been trying to find a pendant light to go over the dining table. I fell in love with the simplicity of this at Space today...not necessarily what I originally had in mind but it is special! (so is the price - double what I was hoping to pay for my light)

This light shown here except in black - it's about 90cm in diameter so fairly large. Quite plain I know but timeless and the lines are just beautiful - much nicer in person than the pic shows:)

I did actually do a spot of shopping whilst away last week in Gerringong and Berry. I bought Maya's quilt from Airs & Graces in Berry - gorgeous girly patchwork in pinks and blues which will suit her very girly Queen Anne theme. I also found a cute deco for Connor's room. Will take photos of each soon - just incase anyone is interested. I know I love seeing what everyone is fitting their new abodes out with. Whilst in Berry, I saw a 'Lazybones' quilt I like which I'd put in my 'favourites' from another blog...Shayne's I think. Soooo soft and lovely - just not sure about colours...will give it some more thought:)

Anyway, fingers crossed for a happy, cheery, productive week for all:)


Friday, April 15, 2011

Ho-Hum...nothing done

When I left last Saturday (camping 6 nights with the kids should win me a 'mother of the year' award!) I had high hopes for my return visit to the house. As I said in the previous post, the guys were working hard to get the roof finished - which they did. So that was done Monday and as of this afternoon Friday, it looks to me that nothing else has happened all week. Well the windows were 'gooped'...

Roof as of this afternoon (from the back of the property)

(sorry about the forest behind our neighbour)

Solar hot water panel is also there now - I guess that's progress too?

I was hoping the hebel would at least be delivered by now...if not well and truly started as I was led to believe. I have had to take a deep breath and count to 10...and cling to the hope that bright and early Monday morning my home will be swarming with tradesman

Maybe I'll pretend it's wine o'clock with my friends again enjoying the actually was a nice week away.

Well done to everyone who had a good week. Hopefully next blog will be just a touch more cheerful.


Friday, April 8, 2011

It has a Lid!

Just a quick one between packing bags for our week away...

They did indeed start our roof today! Sarking was down and tiling was well and truly on it's way. Chatted to one of the friendly, hardworking guys as I popped past this afternoon. He plans on being back tomorrow and possibly Sunday. Apparently they want it finished ASAP as they need to start another job Monday.

They are a bit hard to see in the photos. Tiles are Bristile prestige series in titanium. Probably a bit lighter than I anticipated but they look good. I'm now a little worried that the dark grey we are having in the front feature and all piers is too dark...will have to check this and see if we can come down a shade or two.

Wet area tile quote finally came through today too. Bit more than I would have liked but less then my "I'm not paying that much" cutoff.

Here's to lots of sun and progress while I'm away. I look forward to catching up on everyones builds when I get back.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

All quiet on the Western Front

Or southern Sydney front... After the appalling weather yesterday I woke with a smile to see the sun in the sky! Considering the tiles have been delivered and told to expect the roof done this week, I was surprised to see my nice little roof tiles still tucked up in their plastic beds this afternoon.

Someone had graced our site at some stage of the day. Timber has been placed around the guess is that it has something to do with the sarking...

Maybe their mantra is a little like mine...why do today what you can put off til tomorrow? Anyhow, another Scarlett O'Hara line; tomorrow is another day may bring a happy end to the week.

Flicking through a domain 'house for sale' mag I found a house for sale:

I'll put money on that being a Metricon!!! Looks very much like one I follow on another blog!  Here is the link for a look:

Will be interesting to see how much it goes for. Plenty of bells and whistles!

Tomorrow will be my last chance for quick update before I pop away for a week. Good luck my follow house builders for a productive week!


Monday, April 4, 2011

On a Positive note...

Yes, that is a smile on my face! I drove by on the way to dropping the kids to school and found a swarm of workers doing their thing. Coming back this afternoon they were racing the weather to finish all they wanted to get done. There was still a couple of hard working guys there at 20 to 5 finishing off.

So what did all of this work amount to today...
  • frame completed...check
  • windows all in...check
  • gutters all on...check (this guy was trying his best to finish before the rain got the better of him)
  • further plumbing done...check
  • timber for the outdoor piers...check
If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself:

According to discussion last week, I should expect the roof tiles to be delivered soon. I will try my best to be patient (but really I want them there tomorrow!!!) Will keep you all informed. I will bask in the glory of todays work for a few more hours:)


Friday, April 1, 2011

I guess it's called progress

Well after a ripper of a start to the week I thought I'd really be boasting tonight about where the house is at. Unfortunately this isn't the case. Wednesday did not see the frame completed BUT the windows were all delivered:) Thursday saw...nothing also. We were told to expect frame and maybe windows to be completed so we are a little disappointed. At least today there was a plumber onsite pretty much all day doing bathroom and kitchen pipes/plumbing - excellent.

When DH dropped by there was someone delivering the guttering and he says the frame needs to be finished for his work to go ahead...and thats meant to happen Monday...

We will see. Again I am being positive/optimistic. Progress is happening and hopefully more things will happen early next week. Being a teacher, just this year returning to full-time work (it's been 7yrs!) I am 1 week from holidays and am so tired that I haven't any energy left to waste on being stressed about the build. 

No pics today but I will pop by over the weekend and check out the plumbers handy work. Hope everyone else has had a productive week!