Sunday, July 10, 2011

Art 101

One of the things I have particularly thought about during the build is what type of artworks I would like in my new home. When a new house is such a blank canvas and in need of personality, I feel the art I select will be important in achieving the right feel for the house.

I have spent hours flicking through magazines, looking for the types of artwork I like. I really like the homes shown that seem to be able to include a big range of 'types' of art. Some successfully mix 'poster' type art, photography art, abstract art, calm watercolour paintings - all or some of these in the one house - and do so effortlessly. I worry that if I try to do a mix like this, that it will just look wrong.

I have always loved photography - black and white inparticular. I completed a few courses at The Australian Centre for Photography (ACP) at Paddington many moons ago. That was pre-kids when I actually had time for a hobby! Not that I was great at it, but I did LOVE learning to print my own black & whites and play with effects on film. These days, with digital photography, some of that fun and magic is lost.

Anyway, getting back on the topic, I again find myself googling artists whose work catches my eye in magazines etc. Of course budget will be my biggest barrier. One artist, Jane Fontane, had one of her artworks featured in a house showcased in the latest (August) Home Beautiful. Considering my research has so far found that her art sells for between $12k - $60k+ I won't be displaying her work in my house!

Here are two samples - they are paintings.

Water is something that features in alot of  the art I like. Once upon a time I was a swimmer - one of those up at 4.30am everyday and then back again every afternoon people...crazy I know. But I have always loved water, swimming, the beach etc so I guess it isn't surprising I'm drawn to art featuring water.

I also found these photographic prints, again featured in a home in 'Home Beautiful'. Found at 'Aquabumps', a Bondi based store. Depending on size, these started, unframed, at around $450 from memory. A couple of the pics there I like include:

This is one pic where I think you'd find something new to catch your eye everytime you look at it. Bondi on a very busy day!

I love the drama that black & white brings to this shot.   

Aerial shot of my local beach - Cronulla. Love the fresh Summer colours.

Bondi Icebergs. The lanes remind me of my swimming years. Love the colour again, sunlight highlights etc 

Another from the air of Cronulla 

The other pics I looked up come from the UK. When I was away I bought 'Living etc' magazine which is a UK one (holidays give me more time to indulge in my magazine addiction). I really liked the fun in these prints found at 'Woop Studio'. There is a large range called the 'Collective Noun' collection. Here are a couple I liked:

Love this one - A confetti of Love

A concentration of Kingfishers 

A watch of Nightingales

And finally, the decorator I met with a couple of weeks ago recommended, perhaps for my bedroom, the art collections of Gav and Waz from the 1st season of 'The Block'. They are called 'The Designer Boys'. No idea of the cost of these ones. They are more organic, earthy, textural (is that a word?) and perhaps more calming for a bedroom. Here is a very small sample of their work:

Anyway, I thought I would share my thoughts on this topic. I am always searching for new art that catches my eye. I will continue to dream of what will grace my new walls - very exciting!

I am having 'Stormygirl' - for those of you familiar with her blog, do one of her beautiful butterfly frames for my daughters room. I also like her idea of a framed pic of the london underground network - am thinking of doing a bit of a UK theme in the study as my husband is a pom and I thought it would be nice for the kids to see this connection...

Opinions or recommendations are welcome, I always love hearing peoples thoughts.



  1. I like the idea of having the london underground network theme for your study, will be good to highlight the UK connection. We'll be having a bit of Africa somewhere in our house Im sure.

  2. Artwork is a way to express who you are as a person. I really like the water pictures as they reflect who you are, so definitely put those up! Can't wait to see it all in your new home :) I am making alot of my 'artwork' as such...staining some woodwork canvas' atm..ive made some artwork out of fabrics that i like, etc. It's so much fun when you can add your personality into it. Have fun, Kylie!

  3. Hi! Just to let you know, Jane Fontane's work is available through and is generally priced in the more affordable range of $1000 upwards, depending on the size of the screen print- not sure where the research of higher pricing comes from. A range of work is also available for viewing at You should most definitely check out both sites and contact the gallery for accurate pricing. Cheers