Thursday, August 4, 2011

We are GO for launch

Tomorrow will see PCI happen...woohoo!

This week has been slightly frustrating again. Told things would happen and then...nothing. The front portico is the current 'thorn in my side'. Still not done. A phone call on Tuesday indicated work would happen Wednesday and Thursday. Nothing done. Another phone call today confirmed my prediction on the matter - it will happen next week. The only problem is, it's been on the agenda for weeks on end now - enough!

The toilet fiasco finally came to an end with them being installed today - yeah.

There are a number of blue tape spots around the house and a painter has been there the last 2 days touching bits up.

The glass splashback in the kitchen is still delayed. A big favour has been called in to see it installed next Tuesday - apparently it was still looking at being a week or 2 away. Fingers crossed they keep to their word.

To be honest, it all feels a bit surreal now the end is so close. Strange walking through the house this arvo knowing I'll finally be living there soon. (Yes, I walked through as the house had been left wide open with no one there - and when I went back an hour later at about 5pm it was still the same, so I pulled the front door shut!)

If tomorrow goes well, I will start ringing to book our next lot of tradies in. Looks like we will be aiming for handover to happen on the 19th! So air con, electrician will be our first in, followed by flooring and blinds. Pool will hopefully start sometime in there too - another one to chase up - we've had stress with one condition of our DA approval for obtaining the construction certificate.

Must also get back to our landscape designer so that he can move forward with the next phase of our plans. We'll then start getting a couple of those things priced up including our driveway..that one is going to hurt!

And in the meantime I have still been working my way through magazines and online stores and decorator blogs...dreaming. One thing I did fall in love with is this magazine cover (can't remember which blog I found it on sorry). Love this style of cabinet for our front entry. And love the idea of a feature wallpaper there too like in this pic (although not sure I could commit to such a bold pattern - was thinking more a wallpaper with texture...what do you all think?) Do you like the cabinet? Where do I find something like this...anyone know? I thought the white would go well with my dark timber floor and a feature colour wallpaper behind it to it stands out.

Will update with how tomorrow pans out...wish us luck.



  1. That online Mag - House of Fifty, is published by the woman that runs the blog called Max & Isabella Rooms :) I love that cover too!!

    I agree - driveways are ouch!

  2. Oh, and I LOVE patterned wallpaper - very now! I saw an almost EXACT copy of that cabinet on Ebay a few weeks back of all places! I almost bought it having that mag cover in mind but held back :(