Friday, June 17, 2011

The Week That Was...

Well, I feel like a phoney posting when really there is nothing to post:( We have finally had our roof problems resolved - yesterday - but it has been at the expense of anything else happening. I am very pleased at the outcome of what is being fixed due to water damage, and in the whole scheme of things a week or two isn't a big deal...but I know you all feel my pain - no hold up is a good hold up.

The ensuite and kids bathroom does now have floor tiles, but I think this was done either early in the week or late last week and we didn't know due to being locked out. There was due to be more tiling done this week - wall tiles, but no such luck. Not sure why this wasn't done... Again sorry about the poor quality photos

Kids bathroom - floor tiles

Ensuite floor tiles laid 

The next couple of shots come with a warning...not pleasant. Negative thoughts aside, Metricon are doing the right thing and fixing it all so what more can you ask for? As long as it's fixed it really won't distract from my beautiful home.

Oh Mr Hart...what a mess!
Gyprock and insulation has been removed for some brand spanking new stuff:)

DH and I are meeting a landscape designer to start making heads and tails of our yard. We are meeting with Intrique Living Design - a local mob:

I managed a great deal on our blinds and shutters with another local company recommended by a couple of friends :

We are also locking it in Eddy with Cronulla Carpets for all of our flooring needs. (excuse the italic text, program is being difficult and an I can't be bothered fighhting with it)

Will let you know if by some miracle something happens onsite tomorrow but I highly doubt it. And seeing as I'm heading into the city for a chicks night at the Quay West Apartments and Bel Mondo with some lovely friends, I don't care!



  1. Glad to see the water damage issue is being dealt with! We discovered, this past very very wet long weekend, that our Grand Balcony has a leak in the ceiling - eek

    Have a great girls weekend!!!

  2. Oh no Shayne! Can you have it dealt with now or does it have to wait for the maintenance check whenever that is? And how is living in your house going??

  3. Thats good that it is all sorted for you Kylie! And oh dear Shayne!! What do Metricon have to say about this one??

  4. Enjoy your girls night out Kylie. Don't worry about the house, I'm sure it will still be there when you get back, maybe something will happen over the weekend. You never know!