Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's the Final Countdown

Original title I know! Heard it before I know - but I couldn't help myself.

Can you believe that after the stressful hold up getting the final invoice, we are all sorted.  Completely done! This afternoon DH received a call that the payment has been finalised.!!!This is after only getting the invoice 5pm Monday afternoon! How did this happen? Well as I mentioned previously, DH tried to get the ball rolling late last week from our end with the bank. The bank did such a great job, and already knowing the final instalment amount, they had actually already made the payment for us electronically before they got the invoice from Metricon!

I did send an email to our SS about the long list of things that still needed doing before handover. Have they been attended to? Some have. But some - more than I am happy with, I'm guessing will happen after handover. Not a great situation to be in when they already have all of the money! But I intend on ringing them every single day until things are finished!

Handover will happen Friday at 1pm. Can't wait!  Thanks again everyone for your support. I have some advice as to how i might solve my not-able-to-comment dilema - will give it a try soon.



  1. good luck kylie, we got our keys today, so tired I can't be bothered with using capital letters and proper punctuation.

  2. Great, awesome! Have a fantastic new life in your new home