Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Be very quiet...I'm hunting tradies (again)

I'm thinking they are lost...GPS's aren't working? Otherwise I'm not sure why it is so quiet on site. Plenty of things lined up to let's let it happen boys!

The tilers obviously work a 3 day fortnight. They turn up, do a bit then disappear for another week. No idea why they don't come, finish the job and then move on...anyone else had grief with tilers?Plus they need to fix a boo boo. They have attached soap holders which we asked to have deleted from the contract due to our lovely big shower niches. SS is aware of this now and will ask them to be removed. - No pics at the moment due to program having a meltdown everytime I try to add one:(

The one kitchen cupboard door that was missing has appeared and our stone bench is due to be installed next Monday...can't wait! I really hope it comes on time - bit over hold ups putting us behind at the moment. We are still waiting for our front areas to be fixed before painting can start (supposedly once kitchen bench is in - so Tuesday would be the logical start day...) Will get back to you later in the week if anything exciting happens.

Plus I thought I'd let you all know (because you've been waiting with baited breath! haha) the winner in our flooring duel is...Sepia! The dark won out, went with our heart and feel very content with the decision. Couldn't bring myself to pick the recommended over the one WE actually liked best.

Night in the city was great. Amazing views, delicious cocktails and good friends for company...good distraction from the house:)

Very jealous of those of you approaching PCI any day now. Good luck, hope it goes well and that the keys are in your hot little hands in no time. I may get there by christmas...



  1. Kylie, I really like Sepia, the dark floor is a more sophisticated look, just my opinion. I always say go with your gut feeling, you don't want to regret it down the track.

  2. Great choice with the floorboard colour! And don't worry about your tradies..I am sure they will find their way back sooner or later (they are after all men lol always lose their way!) I know it's frustrating as we have been down that road but they always do pop up when you're not expecting it so hang in there!

  3. Gah! We had saga after saga with our tilers!!

    Glad you chose the dark floors - I think you will be happy with that decision :)

  4. Thanks for the support girls...what would I do without you!