Wednesday, July 27, 2011

At a Snails Pace

I've read endless blogs, so I know that the trend is things slow down at the end of peoples builds, but it completely baffles me why this happens. We have a few simple things to do and have sorted inside the house, and I am starting to pull my hair out about why they have NOT BEEN DONE.

As of Monday, PCI was meant to be this Friday. When DH rang to confirm a time today, our SS was hoping to push PCI back to next week. This is very difficult for me, as to arrange a day off is complicated. It requires a replacement to be booked - I'm a teacher - and with casual teachers scarce, they need to be booked well in advance. DH explained this, so our SS said we could go ahead this Friday, with the knowledge there is still a few things to do. (Nice of him - he is pretty flexible )

My questions is, what happened (or didn't happen) since Monday for there to all of a sudden be a fair bit still to do that won't be done for this Friday?!

Yes, this post is a bit of a rant (apologies) but seriously... Toilets and bath (and re-put on a shower head) were meant to happen Monday. It's all there ready to go. But now it may not be done ready for Friday...WHY NOT? How hard is it to get a plumber in to do this simple work when you have plenty of notice  - it was known last week they'd be delivered! Front portico - still not done. Splashback came but was wrong so has been taken away.

So what's the good news? What has been happening?

Broken tiles have been fixed - sort of. Check this scenario out:

Tile broken when putting on powerpoint

Tile fixed! (sorry about the photo)

Mirror was put on today and...oops, the powerpoint is in the wrong spot!!! Aghhh!

Other bits of progress:

As mentioned, mirrors went on today. They look great. Open up the bathrooms and reflect lots of light.

Can you see how high above the mirror they put the vanity light - not good for the strip shape light we've bought. Not sure whether to ask for it to be moved (it should be just above the mirror) or buy a different light where it doesn't matter as much. It's the same in the ensuite.
Plus the window will look excellent once the shutters go on!

Yesterday I found this orange piping all around the house. DH thinks it's to do with the termite reticulation system???

Water tank is in and by the looks of it hooked up.

Finally the kitchen bench has been sorted. They replaced it rather than cutting it down. Looks much better than before and the dynamics of the room work better. Will be perfect when we furnish:)

So, I know that seems like a bit has been done, but really, why not the rest too? At least the tradies can't be dirtying my new toilets - and the port-a-loo is gone, so maybe the later the better with the toilets!!!

Thank you for listening to my frustrations. It really does feel better to write it down. At the end of the day, a week hold up is no big deal.

Hope all is going well for you all. Good luck for handover tomorrow Reinsey! Tonia, bring on the pics! Thigee, you are so going to be in before us - good on you!



  1. Kylie, you're getting there. At least you have PCI this week, Yay. I booked my holidays yesterday, it was so good to do that.

  2. Don't worry, Kylie. Hang in there, the end is so close! Just think, you will be in your home in less than a month ;)

  3. Thanks B - they look great in person too! Thigee, we decided to postpone til next week. Still too many little things to do really. Our call in the end, SS would have done it but we figure why rush when at the end of the day a week doesn't make a difference. Tonia, I am trying to be very positive - looking forward to seeing our new landscape plans tomorrow!