Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You...

My house that is! I have spent the first 2 days of my leave running around like a bit of a maniac. Tonight I have made up for it...no work or unpacking, just a few (hmm) wines to help me chill out! I am still on cloud nine. This house is everything I hoped it would be.

As others would agree - especially those with kids, it's difficult to relax and not stress everytime there is something 'touched' or out of place. I guess time will help me relax and go with the flow a bit more. But I do LOVE this place. All of our selections, all of our choices, all of our everything...LOVE.

I embarked on the epic journey of cleaning my floors this afternoon (not that my house is that huge, but compared to my old home...!) . I imagine it will need doing quite often for a while, but they did come up well!

In other news, driveway is underway:

Nice and big (and expensive!) Weather permitting, it will be poured tomorrow.

And I thought I'd give you a sneak peak of my kids rooms and a couple of other bits'n'pieces. My daughter's room is getting there (jane, hopefully my butterfly pic will be ready soon!), my sons still needs some thought about the walls.



This is her special mirror

Ta Daa...you can store jewellery and other girly things inside. 

The bedside table I rescued off a clean up pile - good find?

Connor's room...a work in progress

Plus two kitchen items...my new kettle and lolly jar...

My long list of items is not getting any shorter...everytime I tick things off, there is more to add. Today I also shopped at adairs for my bedroom, bed,bath & table for the bathrooms, freedom for baskets for my wardrobe and Basics for a cushion and some frames. I also picked up a coffee table which was a bargain at Nick Scali and bought a new dining table there which should be delivered on Thursday.

Patience will see more decorating progress. I keep telling myself to take my time and pick things I really like rather than just choosing things that 'will do'.

Still lots of unpacking to go. I will get there - I'm not rushing.

Fingers crossed the predicted rain holds off so my driveway can be poured!! Will update again soon no doubt.



  1. Everything is looking great Kylie. Love the lolly jar, never seen that before.

  2. Gorgeous kids rooms. That pale blue is perfect! Warm and dreamy :)
    So true about taking your time. This is the fun part now - enjoy!!!

  3. The kids' rooms are looking awesome, Kylie. I so wish my girls liked paler colours so that I could use them in their new rooms. Maybe I'll just do it, and pray that they accept my choices!

    Now, about that amazing mirror - where did you find it??

  4. Hi! I have been "snooping" around here for a while now seeing your hose coming together. It's sooo nice.Can understand that you love being in it now. Really like the pale blue in your girl's room, unfortunately my girls are all about pink, though the youngest have a thing for Tinkerbell (=apple green) so her choice of feature wall is green and the other one will get pink.
    I would also like to know where you got that awesome mirror from, please :)
    Anette :-)

  5. Thanks Thigee. Lolly jar is just that salt and pepper brand. I think I need to fill it with something other than lollies though - kids are driving me nuts asking for lollies!Thanks Reinsey - I love the blue too, just perfect really. Your last post about the car trip was hilarious. My DH has over an hour commute too. M and Anette, the mirror was from a little local homeware shop (I'm in the Sutherland Shire) but I've also seen them in the local Westfields in 'My House' I think. She LOVES it! Her birthday is Friday and I've just bought heaps of bits n pieces for her to pop in there and play with. As for the blue - she is an 'everything pink' girl too so I did the talk about big girls learning to coordinate the colours etc...she very seriously agreed that yes, blue would look best with her quilt! It was such a cute conversation LOL!