Sunday, September 4, 2011


It has been one very long weekend but we are in. Tonight will be our first night in our new home. I must admit, I had underestimated just how tiring this moving in caper would be. It is quite an overwhelming prospect. The whole 'where do I start' thing has been the hardest for me. I feel like I haven't done much really but I guess I probably have. Plus seeing this home go from being bare to having 'stuff' in it has been strange.

The kids rooms are set up the most. They (the kids) have been very excited this weekend. Tonight at 20 to 7 they were asking to go to bed - you forget the impact the move has on them too. My daughter Maya was upset tonight because she misses nanny and grandad (who we've been living with). To be honest I have been a little worried about this - my two have become very close to their grandparents and I know they are going to miss them a great deal. I'm sure they will be fine but it will be an adjustment.

On that note, this is the time for me to thank very much, my in-laws for having us these past 7 months. They have been wonderfully generous in having us and spoiling us whilst we lived there. I will miss their company very much too. The emotion of today caught up with me during one of my trips in the car. I was on my own (first time all weekend) and had a big blubber - what a sook!

I haven't snapped many pics yet - trying to wait til rooms are looking their best. The pool concrete was poured on Friday - super exciting. Driveway is meant to start tomorrow. The shutters went in yesterday - they look fantastic. Promise to post pics soon, but here are just a couple to prove we are indeed in:)

This is quite a cool process to watch!

This is the kids leisure/t.v room. Needs some colour to bring it to life, - art and cushions and decos, but you get the idea. Shutters are installed here too but a bit hard to see with the sun.

My pantry getting stocked!
Back to work unpacking tomorrow. Plenty of shopping to do too!! My daughter's birthday is Friday so I have some present shopping to do too...I can feel a busy week coming on! (after my massage I have booked tomorrow!)

Thanks to all who have left nice messages. I will try my best to continue to show progress. I hope everyone elses build are going well too!



  1. Congrats!!

    Its such a crazy process isn't it? We lived with my in-laws too and our son still sometimes asks to go to their house to sleep ;)

    Looking forward to seeing lots of pics soon.

  2. Kylie, I now exactly how you must feel. Moving is hard work and we tend to under estimate how difficult a process it really is. I can see your lovely floors from the pictures. You already seem a bit settled in. The massage is a great idea, may have one myself this week.

  3. Congratulations. Take your time setting up, honour that you need to rest and enjoy your new home. Great that you are taking time out for a massage.