Saturday, September 10, 2011

Moved in Update

This week has been quite a busy one to say the least. Most of the stuff I brought in initially has found a home. I am just about to bring in a new round of boxes to unpack. I have spent a fair bit of time out and about so I haven't unpacked as much as I probably should have...oh well.

We did have a driveway poured, and we're quite happy with it.

Can't wait  to add greenery!

I have also enjoyed adding a couple of decorative bits n pieces here and there. We bought a new dining table and coffee table, and we're happy with how they look. Here is a glimpse...

Kids TV room

It still needs a side table and a lamp, but I like the look - calm and serene (to counter the hypo kids)

Dining table and chairs.

 I also scored some bargain stools for the kitchen bench on Thursday too. Now I need some colour in the main living area. Cushions and artwork are on my radar next. I am also still on the lookout for bedside tables and lamps for my bedroom.

We celebrated my daughter's 6th birthday here on Friday. It was an early morning! Our first birthday in the new home.

Mother and daughter at her party:)

Another week ahead. We had the travertine delivered yesterday. They may start the pool coping and waterline tiles this week. We hope to get an excavator in to do it's thing levelling off the rest of the yard the following week, in prep for turf and the rest.

Hope everyone is doing well.



  1. Looking good Kylie!

    Love the expedit in the kids area - it looks great, lovely styling ;)

  2. Love your kids living room Kylie. Your daughter is lucky to spend her birthday in the new house.

  3. Shayne, I am planning another trip to ikea soon - that expedit was from the old house. It is such a handy piece of furniture that I may add another one or 2... Thigee she enjoyed being here for her birthday but I had to take some deep breaths whilst some of her friends were here after the have no awareness that this is a new house and that walls shouldn't be touched! I was proud of the way I dealt with the chaos!

  4. That is one super long driveway! Yes the landscaping is a big task but it is amazing what you can do with some simple planting. Inside is looking great, glad your house survived the birthday party - you must have been holding your breath everytime a kid strayed to close to the wall!