Friday, November 11, 2011

Growth...The Only Way is UP!

 In many ways this song describes my life...not that I'm all that low down, but still, I look at where I am now and what the future days, weeks and months hold and I feel...

All aspects of my life are hectic at the moment. I don't think I had time for breakfast or a lunch break this week and the following weekends look choc a block too. Those blasted reports are still hanging over my head and will consume a great deal of the weekend. We still have a very long way to go with things at the house too. I just really look forward to not only taking a break - as I did last weekend - but actually enjoying it fully because everything is DONE!

 On the other part of my title, the growth of my newly planted garden and turf is very pleasing. It has literally been down for a couple of weeks and my lawn (out the back - still haven't touched the front...sigh) needs it's first haircut! Just the tiniest bit, but it will be a cut none-the-less. Everything else is sprouting new leaves and things beautifully.

Long and Lush

Look at the half dozen new 'sprouts'.

Frangipani - full of new shoots.

This off cut is from a huge tree in my nan's garden. Her magnificent tree is decades old!

My ornamental ginger is sprouting away.

My agave's are doing well too.

In other news, my poster I ordered off 'Etsy' from America arrived yesterday. It is for my son Connor's room. His favourite descriptor at the moment is that everything is totally 'awesome' so I thought this was very appropriate. Plus I love him to bits and he is incredibly awesome! It should look great once framed.

Not so incredibly awesome was my leaking roof this week. Those of you who are Sydneysiders know we copped two very big thunderstorms this week. During one, the rain was sooo heavy that my troublesome spot in the roof (the one that caused much grief during the build) leaked again. The problem is, damage is difficult to assess as most of the water comes in through the wall cavity. So my walls were dry but my carpet was wet. Water was dripping out of electrical points...not good. Obvious to see the water in the carpet, not so obvious is whether or not there has been water get in under my bamboo flooring...who knows what damage this may cause. Anyway, we have the maintenance man from Metricon coming out tomorrow morning.

That's all for this Friday night. Head down and tail up for my reports. I plan to work my butt off as I have more family visiting for drinks Sunday afternoon and I really want to be able to relax and enjoy their company.

Hope everyone is well.



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  2. Wow Kylie..your garden is looking amazing and so green! Our front recently had its first haircut also over the weekend :)