Monday, November 21, 2011

Moving Swimmingly Along

Today our pool surfacing happened and it is finally being filled - WooHoo! Very happy with it. I wanted it to look an aqua-y turquoise-y colour rather than blue. I originally wanted to tile the whole pool but that option was just too expensive for us. So we have gone with Gemtex, and I am very happy so far. It still has a very long way to go to be full, but already you get an idea of the colour.

Bamboo will be planted along the right-hand side. As it is quite expensive, we are starting very small, but it is meant to grow to full height (8m if we let it) within a couple of years, so this time next year it will hopefully be looking much better.

These two troublemakers cannot wait til it's ready to swim in!!

Checking it out from the hose's perspective. Yes that means I stood in the pool - before I saw the note telling me not to for at least 36hours...oops! Hopefully no damage done:)

And it is allowed to be filled because the fence went up last week!I think I forgot to update the blog about this. Love it!!!! You can barely see it there!

Thought I'd show you this shot looking out in the evening - just the image I had in mind when we started this journey.

The front is still in desperate need of attention. We did paint the letterbox and planter-box late yesterday, just before the rain hit.

I now need to find some house numbers I like. 
Add a few plants and some turf and bob's your uncle.

I did buy this succulent for a pot I bought at Freedom to go on the outside table.

Maya insisted I buy this butterfly to add to the pot. 

My 'thing' for new flowers in the bedroom each week has is this weeks effort.

And last week we entertained (just casual drinks with extended family) on the Sunday afternoon, and these were on the table adding some colour to the mix.
I am still struggling to keep up with the hectic schedule. Unfortunately it is set to continue right up to Christmas - but what do you do? I really do want to sort the front out, but at the same time our kids are a bit attention deprived - due to the house and my work lately - so I'm feeling a few family outings and quality time also need to be thrown into the mix.

I am very much hoping some pics we had taken of the kids recently might be ready by the end of the week. We spent a small fortune on them, but what can a mother do when her kids are so darn cute! Will try to share/show them off on here. My posters have still NOT arrived. Tomorrow is the last day I should be waiting for them...better come!

That's all for now folks. Hope everyone is doing well.



  1. The pool looks fantastic, Kylie! I couldn't even tell it wasn't filled when I first glanced at the picture!!!

    Everything else looks awesome too. I'm getting a bit jealous, just sitting here waiting for my house to start.

    Good luck with getting all your work out of the way and spending some time with the kidlets.


  2. Thanks M. Always nice to get a lovely comment. You'll be started before you know it...then it's really just a blink and you miss it. It's strange getting to this point with most things nearly done. Although some things have been stressful, I can understand why some people build more than once - the planning stage really can be exciting.

  3. *wipes drool from chin*
    WOW! It looks AMAZING!!!!
    It just has that warm, welcoming, hub of the family type of feeling.
    Don't you love it when your vision is right there in front of you?? Very clever girl. It really is special :)

  4. Reinsey you are too kind. Your house is certainly a stunner too so it looks like winners all round. Really, everyone who goes through the build process needs a pat on the back...lots of hard work and sleepness nights go into these homes of ours.