Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Whole Lot of Fun

The official 'first swim in the pool' occurred today! The huge smiles on my kids faces said it all! 

And it glows at night!! This is the pool with lights on.

 Yep, happy kids = happy parents. I think (if the rain stops long enough) that this is going to be a great summer! When we started out on this journey, building a new home, I said I would only go through with it if we could afford to put the pool in too. It's a big investment, but when you plan on hanging at this house for a long time and have a couple of young kids, I'm already thinking it has been worth every cent. (still need to paint the wall behind the pool and landscape around it)

I visited the framers I use yesterday. My posters have arrived and I had another couple of things to be sorted too. So in a week or two we will have a big day finally getting some colour on our walls.

DH and I have been trying to estimate our next round of soil and turf so we can complete the next stage of the backyard and start the front. The front will be a 'good enough for now' effort and we can add more/correct if needed later.

This weeks flowers for my bedroom...I decided to pop some colour into the room this week.

My son, Connor, would love a dog...but DH isn't a 'dog family' man. Luckily Connor had a little 'fix' of puppy cuddles when a friend popped in with her new puppy. Meet Alfie...

 He is just adorable! My friend is away for a week in January and is looking for a puppy sitter...we'll have to work on dad - it is just 1 week after all!

We are so busy at the moment that not being able to get stuff done is a little frustrating. I have DH's birthday Wednesday and Connor's Friday...big week ahead. We will get there I guess, slowly but surely. At least my reports are all but ready to go home and work is winding down for the year. We really hit the ground running, and haven't stopped since moving in, and are very much looking forward to the holidays.

I hope everyone in Sydney enjoyed the sun after the dreadful week we had. Have a good week everyone!



  1. Oh, Kylie... just LOVE the joy on those kid's faces! What absolute fun! You definitely deserve a great holiday period, looks like you've got water babes now! We got some better weather today at Copacabana (on the Central Coast). About time summer came back!
    x KL

  2. Love, love, love!

    That pool is a whole lot of awesome, Kylie! We are into our last week of school now, thank goodness. Hopefully this time next year we'll have a lovely pool, too.

    Enjoy the birthday celebrations!

  3. Thanks Ladies. KL glad to hear the weather cleared up there too - I'm sure copa was beautiful today! Lets hope summer is here to stay. M, I wish I only had 1 week left! Are you Queensland (I'm sure your blog tells me that...)? I'm sure you will be in the same place as me this time next year.

  4. Pool looks great and yes the kids love it !!! We are about at the same stage as you guys, except out pool was finished in Winter and only started swimming in Oct/Nov ( we are in sunny Queensland ), but the kids are in it every day. Just joined bog land myself last week so i'm a newbie but enjoying it lots. Look forward to watching the projects unfold and I love this weeks flowers they are just beautiful !!!


  5. Great pics of the kids - so lovely that they are So thrilled with the pool - not that I blame them, I would be too!

    I hear you on the busy meaning slow progress around the house, I am constantly frustrated, I just want everything to be finished! LOL.

  6. Gorgeous pics! Their huge smiles must make it all worthwhile?
    And Alfie...I'm such a sucker for puppies. Hope you get to look after him in January. (much easier to keep a clean house without puppy prints though!!)

    Oh, and the pool lights. Party central or what??

    So lovely to see you all enjoying your home :)