Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting Back on the Bike

Tomorrow I plan on dipping my big toe back into the water...I am going looking at bookcases! I know, not that exciting, but it's a big step in my recovery from can'tdecorateanymoreitis.

I may also look at lamps; both table and floor. 

Looking online at freedom today, I found this...what do you think? I'd need 2 side by side. Then I could put books in some spaces and other decorations in others.
Or I could go for something like these I found at a store called 'Shack'. I particularly like this one but really did have white in mind. The room really can't take another dark piece of furniture, and it doesn't come in white.

 Last weekend we headed up to the Blue Mountains on the way to taking the kids for a farmstay. We popped into a gorgeous store in Leura where we saw a fantastic barcelona chair and denim. Perfect for the spot next to my shelving. Just not sure if it's right, so once I've got the shelving, I'll make a decision.

The Farmstay was at Oberon. Kids had a ball horse and quad bike riding. We enjoyed a wine by the fire and beautiful countryside.

Frosty morning! Crisp, fresh air for my morning jog.

The four of us on one of our 2 trail rides.

Connor was soo in his element on the quad bike (little one, not this huge one) and Maya was a maniac!

Wish me luck on my shopping outing tomorrow. I will keep you informed.



  1. That chair sounds great - do you have a photo of it? I also like the white shelving. It is a pity the 'Shack' option doesn't come in white.

    Where in the house are you planning for these to go?

    Your farmstay looks great, too. We had hoped to do one these holidays, but Appendix-gate put paid to that. Maybe next winter.

    I look forward to hearing how your shopping outing goes!


  2. Hi M! I don't have a photo but let me see what I can find. These shelves will go next to the kitchen - between there and the bifolds. They'll actually go below the canvas prints of my kids.
    I LOVED going to Freedom today...sad? The excitement came flooding back. Was happy with the shelving so will take hubby back on the weekend to get his OK.
    You had a rough run there - farmstay can happen when it can be enjoyed by all - but definitely do one, it was great!
    Will post again soon.

  3. Love the pictures of the farmstay. What a great experience for the children! The denim chair sounds cool! I'm not so sure of the white bookcase design-wise. Pity the middle one doesn't come in white! I wonder whether books will 'fall off' the open ends or sit unevenly, fall through the crack when two are side by side. Being hyper critical....sorry!It doesnt look balanced or practical to me but I've been wrong many times before too! LOL!
    x KL

    1. Thanks for your opinion KL. Being out of 'the game' for a few months, I really don't want to make a wrong purchase just because I'm on the rebound! I must be patient...thanks for reminding me to think more carefully! I plan on posting a couple more pics tonight:)