Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just Spotted:

My research continues (online) of course. What did we do without the internet!! These first two are different angles of the same one. The one below is a little like No.3 on my previous post. This one costs around $1150. Too much? Bottom one is even more expensive.

 It occurred to me this morning that I could also save up for custom built in...thoughts?



  1. Hi Kylie!

    I've been holding off commenting, as I've been trying to have a look around to see if I could find anything to help you. I haven't, but I do love the first piece above. I think the cross bars on the other piece might take away from the display items.

    Some other food for thought type questions... If you went built-in, would you match the kitchen, or still go for an industrial feel? What is going on in the living/dining space (I can't quite remember)? Will there be other industrial-style pieces around, or will this piece be the real standout in the space?

    I really like the options you have in mind, just putting other considerations out there!!


  2. Hi M!Lovely to hear from you. I totally agree about the cross bars not giving the best look. Not really any other 'industrial' look stuff in the room but I still think it will go well.

    I've had a busy week being back at work so haven't thought too much more about it. I think if I did built in, it would be more in tune with the kitchen. Probably keep it white and quite simple...maybe with a small built-in wine bottle section included. Decisions, decisions!Only problem with built in is the cost and I'm getting a little impatient. I could do an ikea cheapie for the mean time and save towards built in...

  3. Hi Kylie, been offline while moving so just saw your post. There is a place called Bullseye Imports which stocks tables like above. You just need to join and say you're setting up an internet business if you don't have an ABN and they sell wholesale a console just like the last one for about $800 Cheers Amber

  4. Hey Kylie, are you a member of Temple & Webster? It's a website that you subscribe to (for free) and they source homewares from different suppliers and sell them for a short time via their website. They've got an industrial side table on sale at the moment for $399 (rrp $580) but the sale ends today. But they've always got this and other furnishings coming up. Check them out:

  5. Yes , I am a member. Unfortunately with my hectic days I don't always open their emails for the latest on offer. Will check it out...thanks!

  6. Hi Kylie!

    If you're still looking, can you please e-mail me (, as I've found a couple of options but can't post links as they're on supplier sites, can't paste a photo in here and I don't have your e-mail address. Such drama!!!