Monday, August 20, 2012

There's a Pair in There...and Slightly Side-Tracked

On the weekend we tried to encourage spring to head our way. We embarked on a bit of weeding, tended to the grass which is in very poor condition and finally, after many months, sorted out some of the junk in the garage. 

We have now had the keys 1 year! So the garage was a little over due! We can finally fit both cars in the garage!!  

The 'before' shot.

Some of the shelving we put up. It makes such a difference with everything neat and tidy!

And I mentioned being slightly side-tracked. That's because really I should be posting about newly purchased furniture. But instead I got a little side-tracked and spent my money booking a trip to Fiji instead. Gasp! I know...but I couldn't help it. We don't go until next year but we wanted to lock it in Eddie. Malolo Island is our destination...

I promise to get back on track soon. I've spied a great piece in a window I run past most mornings (that's my other side-track...still running my little heart out as next half marathon is in September). I'll try to get a photo of the console so I can ask your opinions.

Will be in touch soon.



  1. I think booking a holiday is a fair excuse to not be buying furniture, Kylie! The island looks loooovely.

    Congratulations on getting the cars in the garage, too. We seem to manage to get one in, and then something happens and the Garage is off limits again. Hopeless!!!

    Enjoy your running - super impressed.


  2. I wish that were all that were in our garage! It stresses me out no end - with a baby on the way on 5 weeks I WILL get my car in there if it kills me, or sends me into early labour!!

  3. Shayne! My hubby said to me, 'Can you believe it took me so long to sort out the garage?'...I said, 'Umm, no!' Good luck with the arrival of bub soon:)