Friday, October 26, 2012

From the Slackest Blogger on Earth!

I planned on updating my blog in the last school holidays...well they ended 3 weeks ago!

I did have intentions to update earlier but chickened out as I felt I was going to disappoint some readers with my non-creative choices I've made. But now I figure I'll just go ahead anyway.

Firstly I was tossing up what sort of bookshelf to buy for the spot next to my kitchen. Seeing as I had decided to go with built in rather than freestanding industrial style, finances came into the equation. These were influenced by us booking our Fiji trip and paying $2.5k on the most boring thing imaginable...gutter guard. So in the end I stopped by Ikea and I now have a cheap and cheerful bookshelf. I have enjoyed looking for nic-nacs for it! Since taking this pic I have added a couple more' things'.

Ferdi the fighting fish has pride of place.

I bought 2 of these cushions for the outdoor chairs...hence my colour scheme for this summer.

I wanted to brighten up my lounge. I'd been looking for cushions to add to the blue ones for ages. In the end I just went with the bright yellow and stripy ones I found at Freedom. Good value for someone like me who tires of things easily. Also for this area, I finally got around to going to my framers to get some prints I bought, from Kerri at Driftwood Interiors, ready to hang. The prints were a bargain...shame I can't say the same for the framing...will post when they arrive.

I have bought a couple of lamps too. I will post again soon and include photos. One goes in the corner in the picture above. I also hung some cheap sheer curtains I got from Ikea in Maya's room. They soften the look nicely.

In other news, I found time to run my second ever half marathon. I was joined by my same two running buddies from last time. This photo was taken near the end (I was dying!) running back under the Harbour Bridge. It was pretty cool running over it at the start. I improved on my time from my first run on the Gold Coast by 11mins...clocking in at 1hr49min. It was a beautiful morning in a beautiful city.

Coffee at the Opera House after the race was the best part! We then went back to friends for champers in the spa (great for recovery - NOT) and a BBQ. Great day! 

Other shopping...matching mother/daughter shoes.

Plus in the holidays we popped down south to the beautiful Lake Conjola...

Gosh the kids LOVE this type of holiday...friends and freedom - what more could a kid want?

Nice spot to read and chill out. The weather was gorgeous! Already feels forever ago!

I'll be suffering through school reports the next couple of weeks. I am also organising with 2 other mums a 'Twilight Market' fundraiser at the kids school which is on in 3 weeks - should be fun. Tomorrow night I have my 20 year high school reunion! I was adamant that I wasn't going, but have had a change of mind. Fingers crossed it's a good night.


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