Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Floors Galore

Flooring started yesterday and continued today and will finish tomorrow (the bamboo that is). I am loving my floors. They are covered in dust but I can already tell how gorgeous they are. One million thank yous to those of you who talked me into the dark floors - love em.

Just imagine them sparkling clean!

 I could have sworn  I popped my proper camera in for good photos...but no I left it on the table here. You get the idea though.

The colour goes brilliantly with the dark stain on all of our timber doors. Looking forward to the skirting going back on too - that will make a huge difference to how they look.

Did I show you the pic of my daughters blue feature wall? Remember it will go with pretty pink and blue decor.

This will be such a pretty room when it's done (I hope)

This is our 'grey pepper' feature wall in the rumpus. Wait to see how well it goes with the blinds when they are installed. 

Air con guy coming back tomorrow. Carpet Thursday. Metricon still popping in and out most days to fix/finish stuff. Blinds Friday. Driveway will start next week some time.

On the pool front, we are here:

One guy worked alone to do all of that steel work in 1 day! I think the only time he stopped all day was for a coffee and a smoke! No food...and wondered why he was a bit weary at the end of the day! Pool plumbing and electricals tomorrow and an inspection to be carried out ready for the concrete pour  Friday - please be kind and not rain on my parade! I also ordered the glass mosaic waterline tiles today and we'll order the travertine coping and pavers any day now.

Two of my purchases turned up this week:

This is a wall decal for my daughters room off ebay. I had it made in a lovely blue. At $23 if I furnish the room and decide it's not going to look good it's not a big deal. It's not really as large as it looks in this pic too. But 'Always kiss me goodnight' is very much my Maya Grace.

This is a limited edition print I ordered from 'Woop Studios' in the UK. I plan on framing it and putting it near some framed black & whites of my kids. They had some very quaint and quirky picks to choose from but I kept coming back to this one. It sums up my new home...full of love:)

I have 3 days of work left before 5 WEEKS OFF! I tell you, I am going to collapse over the finish line. Can not wait!!!!! We will move our belongings  there over the weekend, get the driveway done, unpack and then regroup to see what's next on the agenda. More landscaping I imagine. Hard labour time! Will all be worth it.



  1. Kylie, love the look of your floors. Glad you stuck to the dark floors. I agree that your daughter's room will look really nice. Good luck with your move on the weekend. You're definitely going to need the 5 weeks off. I am still recovering from our move. Thankfully I have another 2 weeks of annual leave left.

  2. The floors are looking fab! I'm so glad you are liking the dark colour ;)

  3. I think the three of us have similar floors? Don't we all have dark bamboo? Great taste ladies!

  4. Very smart, the dark floors were the obvious choice. have fun moving and 5 weeks off wow!