Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Week That Was...Big!

Well, this past week has been choc-a-block! I'm exhausted just trying to remember all that has gone on. I am going to attempt to fill you in on my life this past week.

The two men in my life had birthdays this week - DH turned the big 4 0 and Connor is now a cheeky 8 year old. A very late night last night saw us celebrate (very low key) here at home with a couple whose company we often enjoy. We really missed our get-togethers when we weren't living here. Connor enjoyed Laser all eight year old boys do! 

On top of birthdays, maya had her end of year dance concert...again it was all very cute. She is quite the poser!

I am in love with my canvas photographs that I picked up from the photographer - the talented Daniel Mann from Southern Exposure Photography, Cronulla - yesterday. I was anxious for them to be lovely as I paid much more than I had anticipated for them...but I now have these special pics of my children and they are beautiful - what do you think?

I have a couple of other photo prints too. Looking forward to putting them up on my still bare walls. I want to play with everything once I pick up my things that are at the framer.

Last week I ordered a personalised map from Seeing as it came laminated I have just stuck it on the wall for now, and will frame it on my next round of visits to the framer. Very happy with it, thanks Janette!

I little while ago I ordered this stool/side table from Domayne. At the moment it's purpose is to hold the phone, but I may do a reshuffle when I get my shelving that I want for this wall...eventually sometime next century when I can afford it! It's quite a versatile piece though so there I number of places I could pop it.  

On the home front, DH painted the wall, which looks great in the dark grey, and I planted the front planter box and my baby bamboo. I am actually really excited to watch how quickly it grows - they say it gets to 5m in 2 years!

The bamboo is a non invasive slender weaver. Should look tops when it grows!

And if that all wasn't enough, today we put up the Christmas tree. This year we are doing a silver/blues colour theme. The lights are a bit colourful but the kids like them.

 Each year I do a new photo ornament of each child. These 2 are from a couple of years ago...I still put them up each year to show how much they've grown.

So, I think that's about it in my weekly wrap up. Lots going on, but hey, who needs to sit around doing nothing right!
 Also, just as a side question, is it wrong that my blog is no longer solely about my house? Can I let it continue to just evolve into wherever it is headed? I hope so, cause I still enjoy updating my blog and keeping in touch with lots of lovely people in blogland and I don't want to start a new blog, just continue this one.

Hope everyone has had a great week. 



  1. I've been so busy Kylie and have really enjoyed 'catching up' with you this week. The photos of the children are absolutely beautiful...I always was 'going to' and now getting a 22, 20 and 9 year old together in a photo, that looks nice is well....Humph! The Xmas decor looks great.. love the disco balls (ha ha; they're on my tree too!)and the ceramic stool. I so love it but would be buying for the 'next' house. Mmmm... patience is a virtue I HAVE to master!
    I'll look forward to your future updates... whatever they're about; my blog was all building but now I'm adding more mundane stuff. I reckon just go with the flow... your followers will either follow or you'll gain a new audience....
    x KL

  2. The photos of the children are gooorgeous, Kylie. They will look great up on the walls, and well worth the expense.

    The gardens are looking fantastic, too.

    I say, let the blog go wherever it takes you. And agree with KL's comment about followers. Let it be what it becomes!


  3. PS: Happy birthday to Connor and Mr Kylie. I wish 'cheeky' was the word I could use to describe my nearly 8yo!!!

  4. Happy birthday to your boys :)

    The canvas prints look amazing. Can't wait to see them on your walls. I love your Xmas decorations.


  5. Thanks B! Don't you just love this time of year!