Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I survived...the new IKEA.

Sydney had a new Ikea open up late last year. I have been on holidays for nearly 5 weeks, and it took me until yesterday to make my first visit there. I was joined by my little buddy (Maya) so I didn't do the long slow wander I a would have liked, but she was content with her little yellow Ikea trolley and I don't think she ran over too many toes. Although I only went to grab a couple of things, I (as predicted) came away with a few other bits n pieces, but nothing big. I really needed to tidy up my study - it's been my ' dump things without a home' room and Maya has made a huge mess had a great time playing in there too. A few extra baskets, some book holders, a small table for the printer and ta daa...

This is the second time I've tried unsuccessfully to get another chair the same as the one in the picture above - both times they've been out of stock! At least the new store is much closer than the other Sydney one so I will have to call back again soon (Nooooo! says DH!) The other side of the study is still a work in progress - but at least in the meantime it's neat.

One of my searches at the moment is for a book shelf/ cabinet/ something for here:
 I spotted this in Ikea...what do you think? I'm not really sure if I should go conventional here or look for something more unique. It's part of the 'Hemnes' range and at $450, a fair bit more expensive than the Expedit shelves. Is it worth the extra? Too average for next to my lovely kitchen? Keep searching for that something special?
In other news, DH finally got around to completing a couple of odd jobs on the list.

We have house numbers up!

These pics are finally up. Beneath them will go my large wicker hamper for storing school bags. Can't wait to pick it up next week.

I bought this print on Etsy for Connor's room.

Describes my beautiful boy to a T!

And my 'little gem' is flowering.

He also fitted some speakers in the ceiling of the outdoor room (and lets just say, any jobs that require hours in the roof space will next time be designated to someone else!). My house will get a much needed clean tomorrow before being trashed the next day. With wet weather predicted and about 30 guests here, I hope the house stands up to it. The plan was to all be outside and kids coated in sunscreen for a day in the pool...if only I was in WA! (although it sounds a little too warm for my liking over there!) I'm back to work Friday and don't want a huge mess to deal with throughout the house!

Happy Australia Day to you all. Make the most of the conditions and have a good day.



  1. I love how organised your study is <3

    The new etsy print looks great in your son's bedroom.


    1. Thanks B. Amazing how much better you feel when mess is sorted!!

  2. Thanks for steering me in the direction of your garage door Kylie, puts my mind at ease to know it will be OK :) I like the Hemnes table you found in Ikea (we have the Hemnes chest of drawers in our bedroom)but agree that the prices for this range are a little steeper than the usual Ikea prices!

    1. It's funny, but looking at those particular pics it looks creamy next to the white. Doesn't in person. I think it depends on the light and how sunny it is. I considered getting that chest of drawers on one of my previous visits, but found an alternative that went better with other furniture. $450 isn't too expensive - if I found the right 'original' piece I'd pay a fair bit more than that, but for Ikea stuff...not sure.

  3. I've often gone to Ikea with a 'to buy' list and come home with nothing like it because of the 'out of stock' factor. I love the B/W pics hung to go above the wicker hamper and the print for your son's bedroom. Definitely awesome! AND... love the house numbers... you are HOME!
    x KL

    1. The silly thing is that I think you can check online if the pieces are in stock, but I always forget to check before I go. Good excuse for a browse anyway! I've just been on etsy again looking for a quirky typography print for the study...haven't found the right thing yet!

  4. I really like the Ikea piece and you can jazz it up with baskets/drawers/doors etc. But if you don't love it, I suggest you wait because if you do end up finding something you love later you will kick yourself for " settling." I love your study and artistic selections, especially for your sons room!

  5. I'm about to get some Expedit shelves for the playroom, they are indispensable. Also have the Hemnes coffee table which is starting to fall apart, but it's given us a few good years.

  6. Love that print for your son's room - could you please tell me which store on Etsy you got it from? Stumbled across your blog through another....Your pool has inspired me to re-look at our backyard. Lovely job.