Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why Do You Live Where You Do?

I've just been doing a little reflection over the last couple of days, so bare with me whilst I share. We obviously love where we live - or we wouldn't have rebuilt here. We'd lived right on this very land for 10 years before building this new home. Over the years I have come to love it more and more. Not that I grew up very far from here - just a suburb or 2 to the east, but it did take a little while for this suburb to feel like 'home'. 

When we got married, 11 years ago soon, we knew we wanted to stay close to family and friends, even though we both had quite a commute to work. This, I have found, is quite typical of people who live in 'The Shire'. So what is the appeal, apart from family? Well, we are very much in a quiet suburb, yet there is a large Westfields only a couple of minutes drive away. Another little shopping centre, a couple of minutes in another direction, has a lovely village feel which I have come to depend on and love -particularly since having a family. We are only a 10minute drive to the lovely Cronulla beaches and easy access to the Port Hacking waterways is at the end of the street where my children go to school. 

Where would you live if you didn't live where you do now? My answer to that question...somewhere on Qld's Sunshine Coast. Could I move my whole life there? Well, I think about it very often. Not sure. Have you/could you move interstate?

We ventured to the beach yesterday actually. Even though it was quite windy, it was a nice outing and as we live so close, you don't feel like you need to head out for 27 hours just to make the effort worthwhile.

This is the bay side of the beach rather than the surf side - nice to have the option. Much quieter over here and more restful for me as I don't have to watch the kids as closely. 

After the beach I went to the Domayne warehouse to pick up the sunlounge we'd purchased the day before...I love lazing on a sunlounge by the pool reading a good book. Below is the one we bought (just one for now). I did look at those really low ones - the ones without legs if you know what I mean, but even though the one I tried was really comfy, getting up and down is a nuisance.

  I wasted no time making myself comfortable!!
 Hmm, the second I moved the kids pounced!

I had a few extra kids here playing and swimming with mine today. It was one of our hottest days this Summer so the pool got a real it. I took the Christmas tree down and packed everything away for another year. I barely sat all day, so that combined with bootcamp this morning, means my legs and feet are aching tonight!

That's all to report tonight. I am getting a couple of hours to myself tomorrow - can't wait! Next week is super booked up with the kid's play dates - typical!



  1. Yay for a couple of hours child free tomorrow - enjoy!

    We did pack up and move for a year (was meant to be two). It was not necessarily because we wanted to, and I wanted to come home within a month. I will never move from Brisbane again (unless it was for an OS posting). However, even within our beautiful city, there are a couple of other 'burbs I wouldn't mind trying. For now, though, surrounded by our beautiful lakes, parklands and friends, I am more than happy!


  2. Glad to see you enjoying your new sunlounge :)

    We probably could move interstate for a short time but bot for good. No way.

    We love where we live because:
    This is where both our families live (granny, my parents, my sister and MrB's mum). It's pretty amazing. We are all within minutes apart (driving).
    We live in the western suburbs and are not even 5minutes from the beach and 15minutes from CBD (you can only have this in Adelaide :)
    We love being able to walk to the beach and back (15 mins) every night
    We've got a small supermarket 3mins walking distance from us, majourly westfield shopping centre 5mins away and another one 15mins away.

  3. Ikea is 5mins from us and Freedom is about 10 mins away.

    We are very lucky. Although, our street could be a bit nicer. But you any have everything :)


  4. M, I did enjoy my few hours to myself...sometimes its nice to miss your kids for a little while! I'm glad you both (M & B) love where you live too. Aren't we all lucky ladies!

  5. I moved from Brisbane to Melbourne last year, for a new job and a bit of a change. Have every intention of being back in Brisbane before I have children though, I couldn't imagine raising a family away from my own family (3 younger sisters in particular).

    I guess so long as where you live feels like home, you'll love it regardless.

    Though living 3km from Melbourne (in a rented apartment) to living 20km from Brisbane (in a house we'd be able to afford) could be a big change to the lifestyle!