Monday, January 16, 2012


I took my kids for a visit to my dear nan this morning. She is the most amazing, active 87 year old you'll meet! You can't leave her place without a stomach full of delicious food and coffee. I want my kids to value the fact that they have a great grandmother who loves them. They still remember pop fondly, due to our weekly visits, although he has been gone about 3 years now.  

The weather in Sydney has been very disappointing to say the least (although great for my newly laid turf!) As we were leaving nan's I noticed the next round of dark ominous clouds and had to take a shot with my phone - amazing!

Then the clouds disappeared and we've had a windy but warm afternoon. We popped down to a newly renovated park at Cronulla before taking Connor to his guitar lesson. The water looked amazing - turquoise blue.

 I am trying to keep them active after the busy turf laying day Saturday when they just hung around the house and the terrible weather yesterday, as after a few weeks of holidays together they are starting to drive each other nuts - and therefore me too.

And thought I'd share this pic that I found on facebook today...oh to be relaxing in Tahiti in an over-water villa right now (without the voices of my children arguing!)

Think you could handle a bit of this??

I have my last bootcamp session tomorrow. I am feeling much better and my fitness has picked up quickly so I will have to keep motivated once it's over. I am starting a new one, just Saturdays, in a couple of weeks so that should keep me honest!



  1. Oh... over water villa in Tahiti... without children arguing / screaming / talking / taxi driving them.... oh yes please...... count me in xx

    1. I must stand corrected - this pic was in the Maldives. Same wonderful life, different gorgeous destination. After last nights kids sleepover here and another tomorrow night, I definitely need a month or two there!!

  2. You are so very blessed to have your Nan at such an age, and able to still enjoy her company! The photos of the gathering clouds are great too. Enjoy your 'break' with the kids!
    x KL

    1. I am truly blessed KL. No matter how hectic my life gets (and that is VERY hectic at times) I still try to visit once a week.