Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Range

I have just discovered that King Furniture have released a range of outdoor furniture. By the looks of it, there is one 'range' that is mix and match/rearrange just like you can do with most of their lounges. They only have a couple of pics but it looks lovely. Plus if it is anything like their lounges, it will be very solid and well made. Here is a couple of photos I found on their website.

It all looks very comfortable. I can picture myself lounging outside, reading a good book on one of these. As you can see, it looks like there are a number of pieces that can move around and be reconfigured to suit your area or occasion.

Our long term plan is to build in a BBQ and outdoor fire. We did have plans drawn up for this, but as to materials and the final 'look' the jury is still out. Plus we want to be able to do it without any sacrifice to the final product, so for now I will dream and watch the latest trends for outdoor living. I will post some pictures I find that show the sort of thing I am looking for and share soon.

I am also back on the search for shelving - I need some for two areas - and I need/want a really comfy chair with an ottoman/foot rest. I have been considering this one I found at King Furniture or the following 2 classics. Although I'm not sure that any of them are 'right' for the spot.
This is the King Furniture chair.

Those of you who have followed my blog for sometime will know that I do love a Barcelona Chair. 

Or the classic Eames. I like it in white. A friend has one, a real one - not a replica - and it is devine to sit in.
Anyway, must go and tidy for another round of friend entertaining and sleepovers today. I am actually quite exhausted from all of this running around after the kids! Yesterday we had one of a very few beautiful summers days this year, but it did take it's toll on my two and they are quite weary today too. Hopefully we'll get a bit of down time a bit later.


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