Sunday, August 14, 2011

Is Anyone Home?

I don't have anything inparticular to post about today. I am simply using my blog as a forum to vent my frustrations. If you read my last post, there was a list of things to be done yesterday. Most got ticked off the list...except the ones associated with the builder.

I called SS Friday to confirm if I could access the house Saturday with the bank valuer - sure, the splahback is going in, was my answer. Now I knew this was to be a waiting game but he said they'd be there earlyish. (this is the splashback that was meant to go in a couple of weeks ago but they measured it wrong, and was then scheduled to be replaced Tuesday of last week). I got there at 8am prepared with my newspaper, magazines and a coffee - quite happy to simply enjoy the peaceful time without the kids.

Luckily the bank guy lives locally and decided to pop by - even though I hadn't rung him as planned to say the house was open. He stayed a matter of minutes and left saying all was good. I say luckily because to my knowledge, the splashback guys didn't come at all! We left the site about 2.45pm after meeting our pool builder and Nothing! No one!

Plus I realised the hot water system that was meant to go in last week is also not there. Now I realise this is a case of the supplier not keeping to their word but AGGGHHH, followed by lots of swear words is where I am at. Originally SS said the house would be ready for handover last Friday, and it was only our inability to get the bank stuff sorted that prevented this from happening. Really?????

I am about to compose an email, reminding them that we still do not have the final invoice and that there is still a s*+^load of work left to be done. I am going to be the unhappiest, crankiest person to walk this planet if those keys are not given to us next week, with things completed.

Do I feel better after getting all of that off my chest? Well, I think so. Hopefully I can write a civil sounding email now. Wish me luck for the week ahead...I think I am going to need it!

Yesterday was topped off with the gutterguard quote being nearly double what we had anticipated! Have you seen the gum trees in my pictures? We really can't do without it! Another piece of furniture I can't afford to buy now:(

I will try to pick myself up for the start of the week and find a way to be positive. Will definitely be much better when the bank stuff is confirmed and sorted. Come on Metricon...don't let us down at the final hurdle!



  1. Good luck with it all, Kylie and don't worry they are all the same idiots! We were in the same boat..even had to wait for our splashback to be installed a week after handover! So silly!! You'll get there though and all your frustrations will be behind you :)