Friday, October 28, 2011

Novice Needs Assistance

Ok, so this week I have turned my internet browsing focus back to the bare walls in my living room. And my need for an extra cushion on my lounge (and my need to book a holiday after all of this exhausting house building!)

So I need some advice. I really do want to put a mix of things around the place that give a casual summery feel. As mentioned previously, I purchased 6 prints from Driftwood Interiors; here are 2 of them (they are all different but similar:

Now I did look at fabric to stretch as wall art but I wasn't in LOVE with any of them enough to go through with it...yet anyway.

So whilst looking through my latest batch of mags I realised I quite like the trend of simply framing posters that suit the mood and look you are after. So I searched for vintage inspired posters and found this one and ordered it;
 Do you like it? I thought it was summery, the right mix of colours, French Riviera chic...and would look ok mixed in the same room as my coral pics. And this is a fairly cheap art option. And it seems a very 'in the now' thing to do...

And then I need advice for my cushions. At the moment on the lounge I have these:
Can I leave them there if I have the above pics on the walls? And I feel I need to add - probably up the other end of the lounge - another cushion that brings in my yellow. I have narrowed my search to about 57 yellow cushions...

So, do I need one? Which one? Plain to keep it simple and not clash with the pics or throw caution to the wind and really mix it up? Keep the other cushions? Here are a few of the options:










I'll save further art decisions til after these pieces are framed and up.  I will be considering if somewhere nearby I can put a couple of black and white surf/ocean pics like these... (all found at 'Aquabumps' photography which I love)

Or I could wait til I get back from beautiful Noosa with some art treasures found there, which is where I've booked to go away !!!!!(although not til next Easter due to the house and $$$)

Enjoy your Friday night everyone. Please help me, I love hearing your suggestions and opinions. More hard work in the yard here on the weekend!



  1. Love, love, love the poster! As for the cushions, I say mix it up. (I'm a matchy matcher from way back, and am working to fix this). My fave cushions are numbers 1, 2 and 7. I certainly like your current cushions, but I think the front one probably needs to have more yellow in it, rather than the taupe agains the blue.

    Look forward to seeing which cushions you choose!!


  2. Thanks M! I'm way too straight and narrow making everything match too. Then I look at rooms in magazines and I love the ones where they have successfully mixed old and new, patterns and plain, modern and quirky etc Will keep you informed. Most of the cushions I found on Etsy by the way.

  3. Poster = love!
    If you have a view of the pool from this room I'd play up the aqua in your water line tiles then pick a second accent (probably a yellow or lime) and throw in a touch of a third colour. Try to find a cushion that blends your 2 or three colours then pick up a plain with texture and another print with just 2 colours.
    Don't know if it floats your boat, but I'm lusting after the colour of the font in your poster.
    Not sure about the coral pics in the same room though, but it's hard to tell via blog :)