Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's actually a Tradie!

Actually that's not entirely true...there were at least half a dozen cars parked out front when I pulled up this morning. I have really struggled to deal with the lack of work completed this week, so this was a very unexpected BUT very pleasant surprise.

No, the inside has still not been touched to my knowledge (although we were told the gyprock etc in the front area would be pulled out and redone). I didn't try to spy in windows as there was someone working in every spot I was hoping to peek in through - so I am not sure if the tilers did another half day of work on Friday - apparently their van was there for a little while.

So, what were all these tradies doing? Painting a primer on the render! And finishing little bits of render around the garage that hadn't been completed. They were well underway when we pulled up at 9.20ish this morning and were still going when I drove past again around 2.30pm! I didn't stop at this time but DH said they were fixing render over the primer where it was needed too. SO happy they are taking advantage of this beautiful winter weather to make a start on the outside paint job. I was very worried that we'd have a couple of weeks of sun and then they'd go to start right when rain hits again.

Not sure how well you can tell but there is a coat of primer on here.
There was actually at least one guy working on every side of the house applying the primer. Never thought I would get so excited about a little priming.

Here is a glimpse of our ensuite tiling. The walls are all white except the one you can see. It should NOT have the soap holder there - it will be removed.

This is the kids bathroom. Same wrong soap holder installed (bit hard to see). Their feature tile is on another wall -  itgoes up the side of the bath and then up the wall.

Now, to some people the tiling done so far is great - and it would be - if it was completed! They started 2 weeks ago! It's not like we have heaps of intricate tiling to be done! Hopefully it will be done VERY soon.

I met with the colour/decorator today. I didn't have the guts to tell her I am going with the dark flooring...oops. But to be honest, I really like everything else she has recommended. Colours are really lovely and the pics she showed me really are my style and taste - I am modern contempory with classic touches apparently - and I'd agree. I think I will just need to be aware of keeping other things fairly light and as bright as possible to lift the floors and not make everything too dark. In her opinion, the dark flooring would require more white in the room making it more a 'minimalist' look. No one with young kids can go there - in my opinion - unless they are a full time clean the house mum! (not if they want it to look spotless!)

So hopefully next week is a better week, with a replication of the tradies onsite today, everyday! That will also mean I will have more exciting pics to post next week too:)



  1. Kylie, have to give credit where credit is due. They did some work which is a step in the right direction. I like the tiling (even though it took 2 weeks). Hey, it seems like a good job though. Keeping the fingers and toes crossed for more tradie action next week.

  2. Oh absolutely Thigee! Very happy to see work happening today! And yes, I haven't had the chance to look closely at tiling, but it does look very good so far. How good is your progress!