Thursday, June 9, 2011

Step by Step

Things have continued along this week. Not at the quickest of paces but I really shouldn't complain as there has still been something happen every day. They were back to complete the render on the piers which hadn't been completed. Front door handle and lock is on, as is the garage door lock (this handle is an old fashioned round one that I can't believe I picked - DH thinks maybe it was our only option...) will change to a nicer one after handover if possible. So as soon as they glaze our bi-folds we will finally be locked out.

The garage door handle that I'm not too fond of...

Front door lock and handle

Yesterday the tiler came to start but was not a happy chappy that the underfloor heating guys hadn't been in as planned to put the piping stuff down. So he did the laundry and toilet but not kids bathroom and ensuite. Today they have been so hopefully he will be back tomorrow to do more. Can't wait to see the rooms tiled.

The colour is much nicer - less creamy - in reality. Plus I love the texture in the tiles too which doesn't show up in pics.

The underfloor heating 'stuff' that was put in today.

One thing that had happened (which I haven't mentioned) was that the ceiling in our master bedroom and front entry was damaged (ruined) as one small part of the roof wasn't finished before the rain hit a week or so ago. I know it was probably silly to have the room done without the gyprock, but our SS really wanted to keep the build going and was having grief getting the tradies to turn up and do the job (so what can you of intentions and a bit of bad luck). So now that the roof is done (99%) I am waiting impatiently for them to come back and re-insulate and gyprock our ceiling for these 2 areas. Impatient because I am guessing that painting is just around the corner and don't want that held up now either. Plus I know the carpenter was actually hoping that it would have been done so that he could have done more skirting and trim when he was there yesterday.

I did meet with the decorator and get a quote for blinds yesterday. All good, will fill you in later.

This long weekend we will no doubt do the rounds trying to find some half yearly sale bargins for the house and maybe lock in flooring. Hope everyone has has a productive week.



  1. Kylie, I can't even remember what door handle I chose for the garage door. We did have a productive week, gyprock done. Don't know when the cornices and skirting boards get done. Just can't seem to get an update from the SS.

  2. Cornices and skirting will be done very soon I think...great to hear you have gyprock! Sometimes getting info isn't easy. We've been quite lucky so far...touch wood!!I saw the door handle and thought, really...I picked that? But I'm not sweating the small stuff - easy to fix!

  3. We have the same garage door handle..I don't really like it either..I think its the standard one that Metricon give you..I honestly can't even remember choosing it to be honest lol

    Everything is moving alot very fast! Great to see all the progress :)

    Looking good Kylie!