Sunday, June 12, 2011

To be Cheap, or Not to be Cheap...That is the Question

It is official...we can no longer enter the property on a whim. Bifolds are glazed and the shop is closed for business. So it's therefore difficult to know if anything else has happened. The sand pile does look smaller...maybe some more tiling happened? Who knows...

The rain has shown us that the roof is still not 100% water tight at the front. Inside the garage shows that plenty is still getting in where the final roof tiles have not been put back in place. Must double check SS is aware of this, as our last communication indicated the gyprockers would be back to fix the ceilings this week. That's long as the roofers have finished first. I am anxious that this doesn't stuff around for another week because the roof is still not complete. I know once this is fixed, painters are due to start. At least the tilers can do their thing no matter what.

Meeting the interior decorator/designer was interesting and helpful. There is a true art to balancing colour and anchoring rooms with the right furniture (am I using the right terminology??) It was alot to take in and I look forward to her sending me details of her recommendations.

So this leads on to the 'to be cheap or not to be cheap' question. We came to a decision on floor colour. It wasn't one of the two I was considering. Due to my other colour choices in the room (kitchen cupboards, timber stains etc) and furniture that has been ordered, she recommended a much lighter colour. It has taken a couple of days, but I have come to be happy with the colour - Natural.

You can even see in this picture that it has been teamed with dark furniture like our look.

We have found this product at a very reputable local flooring supplier who we will be getting our carpet from and who we have used previously and been more than happy with. We have also found - or so we thought - this product at another supplier. When we visited this showroom however, we we told they no longer sold this product, but another made from the same manufacturer. We were given the speil about the products being the exact same...blah, blah, blah but to be honest I feel it is slightly dodgy brothers. Cheaper...yes, but will I be happy? That is the question!

So, do I assume it will be fine and hope for the best whilst saving about $800ish or do I go down the tried and tested track? What would you do??

Also I promised a pic of the chairs I selected for our living to go with our espresso 3 seater from king furniture. Hard to get a good shot and retail lighting doesn't help but you'll get the idea.
One of the reasons we liked it was the metal cross over legs...they look great.

 No, I won't be having these 'lilac with bird pic' cushions...

This pic shows a back view.

My blind quote has come back and I think we will go ahead and do the whole lot...close my eyes and hope I don't run out of cash!

So, fingers crossed that everything falls into place this week. I really want things to stay on track - as you do. Hopefully some tradies will be there working when I pop past so that I can have a sticky beak a couple of times. Really keen to peak at the tiles!

Hope all is well for everyone else building their dream...

Cheers for the rest of the long weekend (YEAH)


  1. Kylie, I really think for $800 more it is better to stick with your gut feeling and stay with the tried and tested mob. I really like your choice of chair, modern yet functional. Surprised about the floor colour but the expert should know best. Wishing you more progress for the rest of the week.

  2. go with what feels right, remember you get what you pay for. We always try to go for the best we can afford and that has always worked well for us. I'd rather have to save up for something rather than compromise on quality. I'm also not sure about that floor colour. Designers tend to want to show off instead of listening to the client. It's your home, you have to live there, floors are not cheap or easy to replace if you change your mind, so make sure you really like it before you buy.
    Nice chair!

  3. Thanks for the good advice girls, will definitely be going with the reliable floor supplier. As to the colour...the jury is still out. I think this is has become the most difficult decision so far! I looked again today and really am struggling to make a decision. Will sleep on it a few more nights and be continued:)