Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mr Sandman

That would be our sand for the wet area tiling:

Happy times, marching on and all that:)

I did try to get a photo of the tiles but it is very difficult to get an idea of what they are like without seeing them in real life.

Kitchen cabinets were finished off and handles popped on. One cupboard door missing - must have been damaged, and 2 handles missing - must have miscounted...

Tomorrow is my decorator/blind quote planned around Dr app day. Will let you know how it goes. Looking forward to it but hope she (decorator) doen't hate my choices so far...

Kitchen installed (you can see missing door). Can't wait till stone is ready. How long from now til that happens?

Handles...2 missing

Sand laid ready for tiling to hopefully begin in the morning:) Toilet was done too.

This is the floor tile. Really hard to see the true colour and it has a 'stone' finish so will therefore need sealing. Hopefully I can get a better pic tomorrow,

This photo allows you to see the texture a bit better but the colour is washed out.

The big boxes are the large wall tiles. Some are the same as the floor and some are white.

We also bought two chairs to go with the lounge we've ordered from King Furniture. We didn't go Barcelona chairs after all...will try to get a pic for you soon. Lovely leather in a colour called 'chalk'. Super bargin - if we didn't get this deal they would have cost us nearly 3 times the amount and would have been beyond our budget.

Cheers People


  1. Kylie, they're not wasting time on your build. Tiling already. I wait in anticipation of the pictures.

  2. I know! I keep wondering if it can possibly keep going so well! I don't want to jinx it but...bring it on!

  3. Wow - speeding along! Those floor tiles came in the same box as our outdoor floor tiles :) Different colour though. I have to thoroughly clean and seal all my floor tiles as they get water marks on them that drive me NUTS!

    Not looking forward to that job :(