Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Now that's what I'm talkin Bout!

Woohoo, we are back on track down in the Shire. So pleased to see my front entry and bedroom regyprocked yesterday. They did the cornices too and the chippie was there finishing skirting and trim this morning. And the biggest surprise was that the tilers worked a second day in a row today!!!

Between yesterday and today, the laundry and toilet skirting tiles were applied and grouted, laundry splashback tiles completed and I think the kids bathroom is done except the shower niche (it was being grouted when I called past this afternoon). I think the guy (they seem to be a husband and wife team) was about to start more work on the ensuite. I doubt they will finish today so I really hope they return tomorrow to finish - not wait another week before returning!

Some pics:
Here is our fixed up master bedroom - good as new

Now I can have my 'proper' check measure done for the shutters that will go on the windows in this room 

Front entry now ready for the next stage - can't wait til my doors are stained

Laundry tiles applied and grouted - nice clean lines

Next pics are the kids bathroom. I didn't take more this afternoon as the lady was working in there and I didn't want to get in the way...only difference is more grouting is being done

The coloured tiles look a little green but they are a really nice stone colour in reality. The wall with the window will look great when the shutters are on - nice crisp white. Glad we tiled to the ceiling in the bathroom and ensuite. In the afternoon, tiling was done up the wall and around the window.

I have to admit, the photo that I was most happy to take was this one:
The paint 'stuff' has been delivered. Lets hope they start tomorrow! SS says the inside painting should take about 4 days. I also hope the outdoor painters return soon too - make hay while the sun shines and all that.
Also promised this week is the stone benches - I really can't wait for these to be installed! Does the undermount sink need to be there for installation when they put the island bench on or can they do that later? Don't think it's been delivered yet...
I bought a couple of vintage inspired bedsides on ebay for my bedroom. They aren't my first choice but reality is my budget won't stretch to first choice in everything and some compromises will need to be made (for the short term). So I figured I'd have a bit of fun in the meantime. Purchased from my favourite ebay seller, they are in great condition and will look great with the bedside lamps I have my eye on and I will get the chair I found in Adore living which is a rich velvet and an upholstered bedhead in a near match Warwick fabrics velvet (it will be similar to the one a couple of pics down - another ebay store. I now just need a dresser...

Not everyones taste but they all kind of go with the look I'm after. I may change the drawer handles to be those glass type ones. Less of the casual look that I am used to going with, but I'm trying to go with a more 'grown up' look - haha.
Let's hope I can post some benchlicious pics at the end of the week (3 days till school holidays YEAH! - Tonia I know you feel the same!)
Cheers everyone


  1. Kylie, nice to see lots happening at your house. I think your kids bathroom tile is the same or similar to my ensuite tile. I love it, it's quite big and I like the colour too. My bench tops were installed this week and tiling finished today. Will do a post later this week, not well at the moment with the flu.

  2. Oh that is no good...get yourself better Thigee - by the sounds of how quick your build is going, you'll be moving in before you know it! We've had ups and downs with coughs and colds too - don't think the stress of building helps. I can't wait to see pics of your kitchen with the bench tops on...bet they look special.

  3. Kylie, forgot to tell u that the under mounted sink is installed with the bench top, mine was anyway.