Thursday, April 7, 2011

All quiet on the Western Front

Or southern Sydney front... After the appalling weather yesterday I woke with a smile to see the sun in the sky! Considering the tiles have been delivered and told to expect the roof done this week, I was surprised to see my nice little roof tiles still tucked up in their plastic beds this afternoon.

Someone had graced our site at some stage of the day. Timber has been placed around the guess is that it has something to do with the sarking...

Maybe their mantra is a little like mine...why do today what you can put off til tomorrow? Anyhow, another Scarlett O'Hara line; tomorrow is another day may bring a happy end to the week.

Flicking through a domain 'house for sale' mag I found a house for sale:

I'll put money on that being a Metricon!!! Looks very much like one I follow on another blog!  Here is the link for a look:

Will be interesting to see how much it goes for. Plenty of bells and whistles!

Tomorrow will be my last chance for quick update before I pop away for a week. Good luck my follow house builders for a productive week!



  1. Oh exciting!!

    Its almost an exact copy layout wise of the display at Kellyville - Laguna 36 Vogue Facade (I think thats what that facade is called anyway - LOL)

    Enjoy your week away - I am escaping for half of next week too. Hope those tiles make their way onto your roof soon..

  2. Yes, is that what you're building Shayne? Beautiful home! I know it's slow going for you but if it ends up looking as nice as this one then it will be all worth it! It's why we went with Metricon in the first place...lovely homes with that particular style we are looking forward to having ourselves!

    On my way past this morning they were indeed putting the sarking on and starting to shift the tiles to the roof...cant wait to see after work how much they get done!

  3. Oh good to hear they are working at your place!

    Yep, we are building a Laguna 36 - Kingston facade. Internal layout almost the same as that one for sale :)
    I hope it ends up looking as polished as that one (it will by the time I'm done with it anyway!)!!