Friday, April 15, 2011

Ho-Hum...nothing done

When I left last Saturday (camping 6 nights with the kids should win me a 'mother of the year' award!) I had high hopes for my return visit to the house. As I said in the previous post, the guys were working hard to get the roof finished - which they did. So that was done Monday and as of this afternoon Friday, it looks to me that nothing else has happened all week. Well the windows were 'gooped'...

Roof as of this afternoon (from the back of the property)

(sorry about the forest behind our neighbour)

Solar hot water panel is also there now - I guess that's progress too?

I was hoping the hebel would at least be delivered by now...if not well and truly started as I was led to believe. I have had to take a deep breath and count to 10...and cling to the hope that bright and early Monday morning my home will be swarming with tradesman

Maybe I'll pretend it's wine o'clock with my friends again enjoying the actually was a nice week away.

Well done to everyone who had a good week. Hopefully next blog will be just a touch more cheerful.



  1. Kylie, hang in there darl. Even a little progress is some progress. Even though you were expecting something more don't put yourself down..something probably held them up (there is always an excuse lol). So my advice is to have a fantastic weekend, don't think about the house (I know it's hard) and see what happens on Monday..


  2. Thanks for your positive encouragement Tonia! I know I shouldn't be too disappointed - it's all part of the game of building. My disappointment is short lived luckily...onwards and upwards next week...hopefully!