Friday, April 8, 2011

It has a Lid!

Just a quick one between packing bags for our week away...

They did indeed start our roof today! Sarking was down and tiling was well and truly on it's way. Chatted to one of the friendly, hardworking guys as I popped past this afternoon. He plans on being back tomorrow and possibly Sunday. Apparently they want it finished ASAP as they need to start another job Monday.

They are a bit hard to see in the photos. Tiles are Bristile prestige series in titanium. Probably a bit lighter than I anticipated but they look good. I'm now a little worried that the dark grey we are having in the front feature and all piers is too dark...will have to check this and see if we can come down a shade or two.

Wet area tile quote finally came through today too. Bit more than I would have liked but less then my "I'm not paying that much" cutoff.

Here's to lots of sun and progress while I'm away. I look forward to catching up on everyones builds when I get back.



  1. It's coming along well! Enjoy your week way :)

  2. Have fun on your mini break! Just relax and dont think about the house :) its looking great btw! Yaaay to the roof tiles :) Colour is beautiful and im sure it will look fine against the dark grey piers xo