Friday, April 1, 2011

I guess it's called progress

Well after a ripper of a start to the week I thought I'd really be boasting tonight about where the house is at. Unfortunately this isn't the case. Wednesday did not see the frame completed BUT the windows were all delivered:) Thursday saw...nothing also. We were told to expect frame and maybe windows to be completed so we are a little disappointed. At least today there was a plumber onsite pretty much all day doing bathroom and kitchen pipes/plumbing - excellent.

When DH dropped by there was someone delivering the guttering and he says the frame needs to be finished for his work to go ahead...and thats meant to happen Monday...

We will see. Again I am being positive/optimistic. Progress is happening and hopefully more things will happen early next week. Being a teacher, just this year returning to full-time work (it's been 7yrs!) I am 1 week from holidays and am so tired that I haven't any energy left to waste on being stressed about the build. 

No pics today but I will pop by over the weekend and check out the plumbers handy work. Hope everyone else has had a productive week!


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