Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The end of April is near...

Where have my updates been I hear you ask? Where have the tradies been you hear me ask (very politely)!

Since I went on school holidays 2 and a half weeks ago there has been very little happen onsite. Last week we had our skylight installed...just not sure when.

See it way up there! It will be over the kitchen island:)

To be honest I would have liked a couple more for lighting hallways but I'm sure we'll cope.

One thing that hadn't been sitting well with us was our choice of cabinet colour in the laundry. We first questioned ourselves when making the wet area tile choices. We really wondered what we must have been thinking when making the decision. We'd chosen 'platinum' which is a light grey- which is fine but not matching anything else we'd chosen in the house. Maybe we were trying to be different...who knows. Anyway after seeing someone else's cabinets go in last week on their blog, it really hit me how great - and cohesive theirs were throughout the house. I decided on a 'if you don't ask you'll never know' attitude and after a couple of phone calls and emails I am very excited to say I was able to change the cabinets!!! (Thanks SS!) So we will now have 'Asian Night' which matches our island bench in the kitchen:)

I have been told to expect the Hebel this week now. (Was told today...maybe tomorrow...)

Also did some shopping over the long weekend. We popped to the King Furniture sale and ordered 2 - 3 seaters. One will go in the kids leisure (tv) room (a beige colour) and the other will go in the main living area (black). Our old lounge will go in the rumpus until we decide what will best suit in there. They are very simple but comfy and a really good quality. 

I am now trying to pick 2 chairs to go with the black 3 seater. I will need something fairly clean line and modern. I'll be adding colour with artwork and decor such as cushions etc. So far I have my eye on these 2 choices. One is the classic barcelona chair and the other is a version of the shell chair. What do you think???? Which do you prefer? Opinions please:)

Anyway, fingers crossed my walls are delivered by weeks end. My laundry cupboard change will only help me be patient so long!

Hope everyones builds are moving along nicely:)



  1. I've been asking the same Q regarding the lack of trades on site - only maybe not so politely as you!

    I do LOVE me a good old Barcelona chair - I'm scheming ways to fit one into our place somewhere at some stage..muahahaha!

  2. definitely the barcelona chair!! was going to get one for our place but bought a replica timber/cow hide chair instead as a feature chair in our lounge room!

  3. Just read your update Shayne- great to hear you have a PCI date!!

    One vote for Barcelona chair- thanks for your opinion! Ta:)

  4. 2 votes Barcelona chair - thanks Tonia! It was my first instinct choice - just wanted to explore all options. Funny how you usually end up going back to your first choice lol:)

  5. I like barcelona....definitely! Love it! xx

  6. Barcelona - without a doubt! Timeless, versatile and just plain yummy.

    Congrats on the cupboard change too. How stressful is it waiting for all of your choices to come together *biting fingernails* ???

  7. Well I thank my fellow bloggers for their opinions. I agree whole-heartedly with you all:)
    The true stress now is trying desperately to get to 'non weather affected work'!! We are so close yet so far. Especially when we had over 2 weeks of decent weather and virtually no progress - frustrating! I really hope the other trades are lined up to hit the ground running once the hebel is up - to help make up for the lost weeks.