Sunday, April 17, 2011

Retail Therapy

In a bid to start the week ahead with a positive vibe, I decided a bit of retail therapy might be in order. Mainly just browsing, making mental lists and visualising furniture in the new home, we hit Ikea (for our cheaper short term options) then straight to the other end of the spectrum at Fanuli and space furniture - well a girl can dream!

I bought a LACK shelf for Connor's bedroom in red:

To go with this I plan to purchase one of these from Kartell:

Probably the smaller 3 compartment, just not sure whether to get white or red like the shelf... Will go to the Kartell store at Bondi during the week and see if I can make a decision. I know I have lots of time, but I'm trying to spread out my spending!!

I'm still deciding whether to put a pendant light or just a nice oyster light in his room. We are putting downlights everywhere except bedrooms 2, 3 & 4 and the laundry. As mentioned previously I already have a light for my daughter's room.

Lastly, we have been trying to find a pendant light to go over the dining table. I fell in love with the simplicity of this at Space today...not necessarily what I originally had in mind but it is special! (so is the price - double what I was hoping to pay for my light)

This light shown here except in black - it's about 90cm in diameter so fairly large. Quite plain I know but timeless and the lines are just beautiful - much nicer in person than the pic shows:)

I did actually do a spot of shopping whilst away last week in Gerringong and Berry. I bought Maya's quilt from Airs & Graces in Berry - gorgeous girly patchwork in pinks and blues which will suit her very girly Queen Anne theme. I also found a cute deco for Connor's room. Will take photos of each soon - just incase anyone is interested. I know I love seeing what everyone is fitting their new abodes out with. Whilst in Berry, I saw a 'Lazybones' quilt I like which I'd put in my 'favourites' from another blog...Shayne's I think. Soooo soft and lovely - just not sure about colours...will give it some more thought:)

Anyway, fingers crossed for a happy, cheery, productive week for all:)



  1. Yep - thats me who wrote about the Lazybones quilt - aren't they gorgeous? :) Looking forward to getting mine out when we move in!

    Can't wait to see more of your purchases - I have been spreading out my purchases over the course of the build too so I think its a great idea!

  2. Hi Kylie,

    I absolutely love the look of that light... It is very elegant!

    I too love hearing about what people are buying. We are only in the early stages of our build ie. still doing the prelim contract and soils tests etc so I have plenty of time to think about all the decorating side of things.

  3. Very sleek! Nice blog too - we have linked from our Metricon blog site: Would you be able to do the same? Ta! Chris and Sue

  4. Love the light definitely have to get that for sure!

  5. p.s white looks good too! maybe get two? One black one white!! haha :P

  6. Beautiful Kylie, love that light and the kids bedrooms will look fantastic.

    I'll need your help girls....I can appreciate good interior decorating, my problem is I'm not very good at creating it myself!

  7. SeekingLiberty is added :) Look forward to having another blog to follow.

    So glad I got good feedback on the light - you are all very tasteful lol!

    Rachael I am also in your boat! I try but whether it all comes together...will have to wait and see. Still needing help deciding on the 'look' I want for most of the house!

  8. Hi Kylie,

    Great blog and so helpful as we are also about to embark on a the whole knock down and re-build as well. I will be reading with interest how things develop and fingers crossed all goes well for you!
    We just bought a property in north west Sydney just under 700sqm and are looking at the Talbot 28 with some mods.
    Are you able to share price range for your build?
    One area that has me nervous is site costs as it seems to be confusing and can blow out massively.
    You have some great options with your home which has us seriously considering the same.
    Can you give any indication on cost for each of the options?
    (i.e. specifically Hebel slabs, super flat tiles and travertine tiles)

    We are out to Carnes Hill & Middleton Grange again.
    We hope to sign up within the next few weeks.



  9. Hi Will, these blogs are a great way to get ideas and learn about the build process. I'm quite obssessed with reading them! We are really happy with the Talbot. Let me know your email and I will share some info.

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  12. Hi Kylie,

    My email is;

    By the way, which facade have you chosen?
    We are finding it difficult to decide...