Monday, April 4, 2011

On a Positive note...

Yes, that is a smile on my face! I drove by on the way to dropping the kids to school and found a swarm of workers doing their thing. Coming back this afternoon they were racing the weather to finish all they wanted to get done. There was still a couple of hard working guys there at 20 to 5 finishing off.

So what did all of this work amount to today...
  • frame completed...check
  • windows all in...check
  • gutters all on...check (this guy was trying his best to finish before the rain got the better of him)
  • further plumbing done...check
  • timber for the outdoor piers...check
If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself:

According to discussion last week, I should expect the roof tiles to be delivered soon. I will try my best to be patient (but really I want them there tomorrow!!!) Will keep you all informed. I will bask in the glory of todays work for a few more hours:)



  1. Yaaaay Kylie! See how quickly it all goes up :) Roof tiles will be up in a day and before you know it the gyprock will be up too! We might even finish at the same time too! lol

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  3. I think yours will race ahead now the gyprock is up! We're still at the mercy of the weather! Fingers crossed work keeps happening for us all!

  4. You might be able to beat Tonia. Can that happen? I can happen, but that would be really unfair on Tonia. It just goes to show that you can build really fast if you have lots of people working on it.

    Fast is not always good, as it can comes at the expense of quality. Not all quality inspectors are the same, some might skim over things, some might be long hard look at things.

    No doubt with the build you're going to have some up and down. Sometimes it looks like stuff is happening fast, but then you're going to have times where nothing is being done at all.

    Take it all as a learning experience. Nothing worse than having it done wrong.

  5. absolutley, done right is our aim. I certainly am not in this for a race! I get just as excited seeing everyones elses progress! Just as I don't expect builds started behind ours to finish before mine, I'd hate to leapfrog those who are are on a similar build that started before me!