Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Money Tree

Today with the rain taking a break we had workers back on site. We had a small digger up on the slab digging down the side for our drainage and plumbing 'stuff' which I think will all be hooked up to the water tank down the track.

Received a call informing us that they hit rock...of course they did...no problem I'll just pop out to the money tree and grab some more to pay for that! It does make me scared for when we dig the pool - maybe it will be a shallow wading pool?? Remember it only needs to be deep enough for me to float on my LiLo!

But the bright side is that there is progress. I LOVE progress! Fingers crossed it continues the rest of the week. I actually drive past the site everyday taking the kids to school so it always improves my mood for the day if there is work happening. 
Cheers Kylie

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  1. I agree, there's no better sight than tradies on your block! :)