Monday, March 21, 2011

Taking a Dip

This is a rough sketch of our pool plan. Only fairly small but we think it will do the job. Seriously, all I need is to to be able to lie on my pool float with book &/or drink in hand and I'll be fine! Kids will be able to have a splash and cool off - they are absolute fish so I will have to lock the gate when it's my turn!

It is about 6.5m long and 5.1m wide at the widest point. We will line the pool with gemtex glass beads - can't remember the colour off the top of my head, and have chosen a gorgeous bizazza glass mosaic as a waterline tile. It is a beautiful blue with a copperish swirl through it. Coping and pavers will be travertine as mentioned in a previous post. We will install a frameless glass fence that will edge part of the outdoor room then go across to the side fence - you can kind of see in the drawing.

Nothing onsite to report due to this rain! Fingers crossed the bobcat can do it's thing ASAP so the framing can start.

Cheers Kylie
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