Saturday, March 19, 2011

The story so far...

This is my attempt to write a blog about our build. I have learned so much and really enjoyed following other people's builds, that I feel I should contribute too.

The story so far...we lived in our little weatherboard in the Sutherland Shire for nearly 10 years. Very much out grown with our two kids growing up so quickly, it was move or build or bust! We decided the best thing for us, for many reasons, was to knock down rebuild.

Plenty of research later and we settled on a single story Metricon. We really love their homes so in the end going with them was our easiest decision made so far. We didn't need a mansion. We are going from one small living area to three and from three to four bedrooms. The old pool has been filled in (will be built over) and a new one will be built once the house is finished (plans in at council as I type). Our block is an unusual shape, making the process of fitting a decent size single level on our 740sq block difficult. One benefit is that we have only one side neighbour, and no rear neighbours. This gives us great access for building the pool after the house and plenty of privacy.

                                                            This is our house when we bought it in 2000.

We first signed last July. Many months later and we are finally starting the fun stuff. Most of the process has been smooth sailing. We have had great, helpful service with little stress so far.

The first week of February we demolished.

It is now mid March and our slab was poured this exciting!

If the weather behaves, we will do some external drainage this week and the frame is meant to arrive. After meeting our SS this week, we also know that the hebel and roof tiles will follow soon after. Fingers crossed the rain clouds empty themselves quickly so that we can continue to make progress.

Patience is not my strong point BUT I am going to try my best to chill and let things happen (I did say try).

Will keep this up to date the best I can.


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