Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Work

My house grew a roof today! They braved more rain early on and were rewarded with sun the rest of the day. I am liking their work ethic so far...hopefully the other trades follow in their footsteps. There are still a few bits n pieces that need doing. There also seems to be timber for the piers at the entry portico and outdoor room.

Just a couple of pics:)

What's next? I'll try to find out later in the week whether we can expect hebel or tiles next. Bring it on!



  1. And why do you southerners like to use Hebel as opposed to bricks. I don't know if we have that options here in QLD.

  2. We are using hebel as an economical way to have a rendered finish to our house - something I was quite keen on. It's part of a Metricon promotion. Hebel has better thermal mass qualities than brick too (better insulation) which is an added bonus:)

  3. I don't think we have that option in QLD.