Friday, March 25, 2011

Power & Frame

We saw the power pole go in on Thursday and the frame was delivered today. I would have been much happier if it was delivered and starting to be erected but I know...progress is progress and our SS has done a great job having something happening onsite everyday this week. Woohoo!

As you can imagine I am after sun, sun and more sun next week. I was desperate for the slab so it all felt real and now I want the rest to go up so that it really feels like it is happening.

I am off to pick up an ebay buy tomorrow for the new place. I know what I want to do for the kids rooms so have started buying things to fill them! My daughter Maya is 5 and I am trying to get a similar look to a room I love on the site 'Max and Isabella Rooms'. All very pretty and girly. I have bought her a gorgeous crystally pendant light from 'Adore Living' in Gymea and a chair from ebay (pic below) Tomorrow I am picking up a dressing table. I'm now looking for a full length mirror and bedding.

For Connor, who is 7, I am going to do a retro room. This has basically come from his nagging for a lava lamp and my need for one of the round Kartell compartment type side tables - I've always wanted one!
 After taking out shares in every magazine publisher there is, I have found I am still at a loss as to decorating the rest of the house even after reading every magazine on the shelves each month. My problem is I like too many styles, so I'm not too sure which way to go with some rooms - especially the master bedroom. I really do need to wait for it to all start coming together before I make any big purchases.

Have a good weekend, I hope everyones builds are going well. Very jealous of all of you who are very close to the end!



  1. I love that chair Kylie, it's gorgeous. Maya is going to have a stunning girly bedroom!

    We have a son called Connor too :)

    I haven't actually ventured into Adore Living, I've always admired it from the window but usually have the boys with me so I'll need to do a child free shop there soon!

    You'll be amazed at how quickly the frame goes up, this is a very exciting stage. Every week sees big changes!

    Fingers crossed for sunshine next week...

  2. I picked up the dressing table today too - very happy with it. I love it whan plans come together!

    Yes you must venture into Adore. Very good idea to go without the kids - much more enjoyable.

    Here's to a week of sun for both of us!