Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Plan

This is our plan.

This is the Talbot 28. When we first started looking at display homes we loved the Milano at Middleton Grange. As I mentioned we have an unusual shaped block and it just wouldn't quite fit. We toyed with the idea of a double story, but it really wasn't what we were after. We were alerted to the Talbot - which was so new to the NSW market it hadn't made it to their website yet. We loved it on the spot. Very similar floorplan to the Milano and only a tiny bit smaller.

In the end, we really didn't change too much. here are some of our selections:
  • We are building with Hebel slabs which will be rendered. Render will be painted Lexicon White. The front feature that is part of the contemporary facade, will be Western Myall - a charcoal grey. We toyed with doing a feature tile here but it was an expensive risk if we weren't happy with it. Plus we can do this anytime if we feel the need. The piers on the outdoor room will also be the dark grey.
  • Roof tiles are an upgrade - prestige range in Titanium. These are the super flat tile that I love! Because of their profile we needed sarking.
  • We added eaves.
  • The outdoor room was super-sized. It will be 8.5m long and 4.3m deep. We have had a huge timber deck and couldn't live without another big outdoor entertaining area. We included the slab for this in our contract.
  • Two sets of bi-fold doors will open out onto the outdoor room. Another reason why we love our home! These will be in a dark charcoal stain, matching all other timber stained doors in the house. The wall where these doors open from was modified from the original Talbot plan.
  • The kitchen received the most upgrades. On top of what was included in our promotion package, we changed the island bench from L shaped to rectangle - 3.5m long! Benchtops to 40mm on island bench with waterfall edges. Undermount sink, upgraded appliances including a built in coffee machine:):) Pure white glass splashback. Lots of pot drawers instead of cupboards, a built in bin drawer, Asian night laminate in the island bench both sides and white satin finish poly on the back wall drawers and cupboards. A skylight will also be over the island bench.
  • We will be putting honed and filled travertine though the entry, kitchen, dining and family room. A matching tumbled travertine will flow out onto the outdoor room and pool area. Everywhere else inside will be carpet.
  • Opaque glass doors on the bedroom wardrobes. We also put fitout options in the wardrobes.
We have fingers crossed that our selections look good. We went quite neutral and will add colour after handover. There were plenty of electrical upgrades etc and we selected our bathroom tiles last Friday.

Hope that helps paint a picture of what we are trying to build:)


  1. Your selections sound beautiful..especially your kitchen colours and outdoor room! Wow!!

    I also wish we put sarking too but our roof tiles aren't the fully flat hopefully thats ok!

    Don't worry about the will be clearing by Wednesday and your frame will be up and running very soon!! Our frame only took just under a week to complete..and yours being 28 squares should only take about 5 or so days i'd say!

  2. Thanks. We put the sarking in and then took it out and then had to add it back when we selected these roof tiles (at first we were going to have the classics). I'm sure you'll be fine without it.

    Good to know the frame doesn't take too long. Yours seems to have gone up's been exciting watching it go up and seeing what we have to look forward to.

    Your house looks fabulous! Can't wait to see it all come together for you:)

  3. Sounds divine Kylie, can't wait to see it all come together!

  4. Nice ;)

    Love that you got a built in bin drawer - I was told flatly - "oh no we don;t do those". Pretty UNHAPPY about that! Apparently now they do!

    Looking forward to watching your place go up!

  5. Shayne I'm really glad to be getting the bin drawer but the actual bin is smaller than I would have liked. I am used to dealing with a kitchen bin so I should cope fine. I also wanted a pull out laundry hamper - i've seen them done, but they don't do them.

    Have enjoyed watching your build. Fingers crossed for you that it finishes really soon:)