Monday, March 28, 2011

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands....CLAP, CLAP!

Yes, thankfully those nasty clouds passed overhead without dropping too much rain on the workers getting the frame started this morning. My local spys kept me updated throughout the day whilst I was at work. I am very happy with todays progress to say the least. Pictures speak a thousand words...

This pic is looking towards the front door and master bedroom at the front. 

Front entry and garage to the left 

 The very exciting garage!

 This is looking at where the back cupboards, oven, stove and fridge space will be in the kitchen.

 Standing at the entry looking down the hallway.

Love this pic! It is standing in the family/kitchen area looking out to where our 2 big bi-folds will lead out to the outdoor room:) Love it when it looks as good as you hope!

In the afternoon, the crane was there lifting the roof trusses on top of the frame ready to go up properly tomorrow???... Lets hope so. The only thing we can see to raise with our SS is that the waste for the basin seems to be in the wrong spot in the kids bathroom. 

For those that liked the chair I bought for my daughter, here is a pic of the dressing table I picked up on Saturday. More ebay buys to create her 'girly' room!

Old style with the mirror attached. Just what I had in mind.

Let's hope there is more reason to be happy tomorrow - for all of us in buildingland!



  1. Yaay!! How exciting :) See I knew the rain would clear for you...and now all the fun will begin!!

    Your daughter's furniture looks that vintage look :)

    Can't wait to see more pics..

  2. Now why is it that for a NSW build you get green treated timber, and up here in QLD we get plain.

  3. Good question Jayjay. I have absolutely no idea!